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Who is 2 Chainz?

If you enjoy listening to rap music, you must be familiar with 2 Chainz. He is a well-known rapper in the United States. In the hip-hop scene, he has a significant fan base.

And today, we’ll tell you everything there is to know about 2 Chainz so you can get to know him better and stay current on his music and lifestyle. Let’s begin.

His introduction will be the first to be made. The rapper from Atlanta goes by the name 2 Chainz. However, he was born with the name Tauheed Epps.

He is a rapper from the United States known as 2 Chainz (formerly known as Tity Boi). Born on September 12th, 1977, and raised in College Park, Georgia, Tauheed K. Epps began his musical journey as a part of the duet Playaz Circle with Dolla Boy under the alias Tity Boi.

In 2010, Epps debuted a lucrative solo career and issued a string of Top 40 successes. He also started to establish himself as a favorite for feature verses.

Since then, he has established himself as a successful solo artist with several albums and soundtracks that have drawn the interest of prominent figures like Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Kanye West.

How Tall is 2 Chainz?

One of the first artists that immediately come to mind when thinking of rapping and hip-hop music is 2 Chainz. The songs this American rapper is best known for include “Birthday Song,” “I’m Different,” and “Feds Watching.”

Let us inform you that 2 Chainz’s height is “6’5″(1.96 m). if you are already interested in finding out more details about this tall black rapper.

How Does 2 Chainz’s Net Worth Reach $12 million?

Many high-profile people immediately come to mind when one considers well-known rappers, and 2 Chainz is no exception. 2 Chainz has had a very successful and prominent career. His popularity has grown.

This is a result of his popular tunes being played worldwide. In addition, he is a rapper and businessman. Given his successful music career, one might be interested in knowing 2 Chainz’s net worth.

2 Chainz get considered to have a net worth of around $12 million as of October 2022. Chainz started by writing songs and rapping, but he has expanded his income streams. He now earns money from a variety of various places.

Most recently, he bought a small stake in the College Park Skyhawks through a portion of his earnings from television commercials, his television program Expensive, and sweater and hoodie lines.

2 Chainz Expensify Collaborated?

In 2019, the most popular cost management software in the globe, Expensify, dropped the humorous music video “Expensify This,” which stars rapper and Grammy Award winner 2 Chainz of Def Jam Recordings, as well as actor Adam Scott.

According to a release, the music video includes photos of invoices for goods, including cars and champagne, that users may scan with the Expensify app for an opportunity to win money or the actual goods.

The rewards vary from a supercar made of ice, an Audi R8, and a swagged golden jet-skiing to a football covered in diamonds and a gold figure of 2 Chainz. In the 60-second ad, 2 Chainz appears in a music video set in an ice environment with dancers dressed in Egyptian garb.

Did Jimmy Fallon play Password with 2 Chainz?

On “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” 2 Chainz and Gucci Mane performed as musical guests. It got assumed that they would perform their newest hit, “Good Drank,” to end the evening.

Along with interviewees Aaron Paul and Keri Russell, they also engaged in a round of passwords.

This game of “Password” doesn’t seem funny at first glance based on the cast, but it turns out that Keri Russell and 2 Chainz, along with Aaron Paul and Gucci Mane, get pretty competitive before it’s over.

2 Chainz’s Booking Fee to Hire:

Some agencies let you hire any artist they represent. Fill out the form to contact 2 Chainz’s booking agent, so they can help you with hiring 2 Chainz and finding out how much it would cost to book them to perform at any event.

You can also book him from bookingentertainment.com for your subsequent private gatherings, weddings, social media marketing, performances, speeches, and commercial endorsements are all done on a global scale.

The 2 Chainz Mattress’s Hilarious Lyrics:

The lyrics to 2 Chainz’s songs, some of which have humorous and catchy melodies, are well known. His unwavering enthusiasm and passion for absurd punchlines have become 2 Chainz’s main features. He delivers on the promise of his most recent music by filling the L.P. with absurdist wit and images.

A line from his song “Good Drank” reads, “Used to treat my mattress like the A.T.M., Yeah, Bond No. 9 that’s my favorite scent, yeah.” It is just a metaphor he used.

Versace 2 Chainz Sneakers Collaboration:

A capsule collection by Versace and the rapper 2 Chainz comes after the brand’s Fall/Winter 2019 runway show. It was a men’s athletic-lounge capsule collection created in collaboration with the American rapper.

Atlanta, where the hip-hop star is from, hosted the presentation of the sneakers. In sneakers, it glided down the runway, attracting attention. Too many fashionable rappers and industry professionals to list have the “Chain Reaction” sneaker posted all over their Instagram accounts.

There is an updated version of the clunky shoe available now. It has a grey upper enhanced by two zippers, a neoprene collar with crocodile embossing, and the recognizable chain-inspired midsole.

It was released in tandem with a menswear collection that only sold in the United States that featured athleisure style.

2 Chainz True ReligionTeams Up For Limited Edition:

2011 saw the premiere of T.R.U. Religion is 2 Chainz’s seventh album. The project was not just a success on a musical level but also the beginning of a new partnership between the Grammy-winning rapper and True Religion apparel. True Religion and 2 Chainz have established enduring reputations for the past decade.

2 Chainz and True Religion just released a brand-new exclusive line of merchandise created with the artist to commemorate all of this heritage, along with the mixtape’s 10-year milestone. Officially, the products are offered online and in a few chosen stores.

Let’s Talk About 2 Chainz Restaurant Esco:

Esco was established in Atlanta by the “We own it” vocalist and Mychel “Snoop” Dillard. Esco, according to 2 Chainz, is more of a club with fantastic food and ambiance. In addition, they serve the finest cocktails in the area.

Musician 2 Chainz is launching his franchise of restaurants, Esco Restaurant and Tapas, following a lawsuit brought by the relatives of deceased Colombian drug dealer Pablo Escobar.

On 156 Lt. George W. Lee Avenue, close to Beale Street, the brand-new Esco Restaurant & Tapas will get situated adjacent to the Westin.

2 Chainz House Of Luxury:

Established rapper Tauheed Epps, popularly known to audiences as 2 Chainz, has developed a great sense of taste in material possessions. So in terms of his living space, the singer’s passion for excess is no surprise.

Rapper 2 Chainz bought the same house in the Hollywood Hills for $3.75 million, four years after Eva Longoria traded it at a shortfall of almost $500,000. Actress Eva Longoria originally purchased the 8,800-square-foot mansion, which got constructed in 2006.

Moreover, it was equipped with all the facilities, along with a pool, movie theater, popcorn maker, bar area, game room, and more, spanning six bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms.

It should be possible to store 2 Chainz’s unique footwear collection in the primary bedroom’s large closet.

The Stories Behind 2 Chainz’s Tattoos:

This rapper enjoys tattooing his body with deep, detailed tattoos. Rapper 2 Chainz from Atlanta is in town only to promote peace. On social media, he posted pictures of recent tattoos for one of his daughters.

2 Chainz face tattoo portraits of his daughter Harmony. Not only that, the latest one made headlines as 2 Chainz leg tattoo was for late basketball legend Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant’s Lakers jersey number 24 is now permanently inked on 2 Chainz’s knees to pay tribute to the late basketball player.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Old is 2 Chainz?

– 2 Chainz’s age is 45 years. (September 12, 1977).

Who is 2 Chainz’s Wife?

– Kesha Ward (Married 2008).

What is 2 Chainz’s Real Name?

– Tauheed Epps.

Who are 2 Chainz Daughters?

– Harmony Epps and Heaven Epps.

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