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Akbar V Net Worth, Weight Loss Surgery, Hairstyles, Teeth, Songs, Bio

Who is Akbar V?

Akbar V is an American rapper. She was born Valerie Raven on August 22, 1989, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

She was growing up on Cleveland Ave. She gains popularity from her songs and appearances on the TV reality show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

She is also a social media personality with significant followers on Instagram and Youtube.

How Much is Akbar V’s Net Worth?

Akbar V has an estimated net worth of $7 million. She earned her worth from her successful carrier in the rapping industry.

She released music and gained immense popularity and money as well. With her successful rapping career, she also earns money from appearances in many TV shows.

Moreover, her songs are released on many platforms, giving her wealth.

How Did Akbar V Lose Weight?

Akbar V’s Weight Loss is a topic of discussion among her followers and fans. She was overweight and facing many difficulties.

So she decides to lose some weight and become fit. She Eeking advice from her friends and professionals and decided to undergo surgery to reduce her weight.

Did Akbar V Get Weight Loss Surgery?

After deciding to undergo weight loss surgery, she chooses to do gastric sleeve surgery. This is a popular weight loss method, a type of procedure where the size of the stomach is reduced by cutting off a part of it and resulting reducing in appetite.

As appetite is reduced, weight will also reduce. She shares her dramatic transformation to a well-fit body by sharing a side-by-side photo of her body before surgery and after.

She captioned the photo in her dramatic way, saying, “I have lost so much weight….. the secret is I got the gastric sleeve just like these other bitches but they don’t tell y’all that, but I also dance a walk a drinking water an pray to keep this process going.”

Akbar V Before and After Weight Loss Surgery?

As she was overweight, Akbar V faced many difficulties. So she wasn’t to improve her health and undergo a gastric sleeve surgery.

Before the surgery, she weights 297 pounds / 134.7 kg. But after the weight loss surgery and going through a lot of pain and a planned diet under the doctor’s supervision, she now weighs 191 lbs/ 86.6 kg. So she lost 106 lbs/48.08 kg of weight.

Akbar V’s Biography:

In her childhood, she experienced many adverse situations, which include surviving a gunshot wound to the head, the death of her mother, and experiencing drug addiction and sexual abuse.

Actress, producer, singer, songwriter, and television personality Kandi Lenice Burruss Tucker, known as Kandi Burruss, is her cousin. During her difficult time, she got help from her cousin Kandi.

Akbar V is a proud mother of five children. She started her musical career in 2016 and released her debut song RIP Mama.

This song gets popular among her fans, and after that, she released many other songs and albums. She also loves to claim her “The Queen of Atlanta.

Iconic Akbar V’s Hairstyles:

Akbar V loves to style her hair in many different ways. As a rapper, it is essential to look good in the music industry, so she tries to look unique in her music video, which is essential for her.

So for this, she takes different hairstyles at different times for her music videos.

 – Akbar V’s Short Hairstyles:

She loves to style her hair for her music at different times. So, she also takes a short hairstyle. This short hairstyle helps her look good in her music video and shows off her face.

Her fans and followers also love this hairstyle, and with this hairstyle, she stands out from the crowd.

 Let’s Talk About Akbar V’s Teeth:

In the entertainment business, it is crucial to have a great smile. Keeping this in mind, Akber V wants to maintain a good smile and keep her teeth looking good for her smile.

To do so, she regularly visits her dental surgeon to maintain her good-looking smile. In addition, she does all her dental work with her favorite dentist from Los Angeles, ENCINO DENTAL SMILE.

This dentistry is the leading cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles.

Popular Akbar V’s Songs and Albums:

She is a singer and rapper. She released her debut music RIP Mama in 2016 and became popular among people.

After that, she releases many songs and albums.

Some of her songs and albums are:


-“Far Away”


-“Right Now”

-“Always Be”

-“No Hook”

-“YIKES Gmix”

-“That Nigga”

-“Owe Me Something”


-“Far Away”

-“Talk To ‘Em”

-“Bitch Like Me”

-“Akbar V – What We Do”



-“That Bitch”

-“Owe Me Something”



-“Lost Me”

-“Seeing Green”

-“Cold Summer”

-“Real Atlanta”

-“Pray For My City”

-“Griselda Blanco”

-“No Hook Challenge – Intstrumental”

-“Love Is Blind”

-“Money Baby”

Some of her albums are:


-“The Coldest Summer.”

-“Griselda Blanco.”

-“Silent Cries.”

 – Akbar V’s Complicated Lyrics:

As a rapper, she has many popular songs, and complicated is one of them. The complicated song is a track from Akbar V’s album The Coldest Summer.

This album was released on 28 September 2018. The lyrics of this song have not been published and are under copyright protection.

 – Akbar V’s Leaked Lyrics:

Leaked is the song from Akbar V’s album All Things Go. The lyrics of this song also have not been published and are under copyright protection.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Old is Akbar V?

 – Akbar V’s age is 33 years old. She was born on August 22, 1989.

Is Akbar V Lesbian?

 – Yes, she is. She claimed that she had sex with a woman countless times. She also expressed her desire on her Instagram story to have sex with American rapper Katorah Kasanova Marrero, better known by her stage name Young M.A to see how it hits. Rapper Young M.A is openly gay.

Is Akbar V Related To Kandi?

 – Yes, they are. Kandi Burruss, whose real name is Kandi Lenice Burruss Tucker, is the cousin of rapper Akbar V.

Kandi is an American Actress, Producer, Television Personality, songwriter, and singer.

How Tall is Akbar V?

– Akbar V’s height is 5′ 6″.

How Many Kids Does Akbar V Have?

– She is the proud mother of five children. She didn’t disclose the identity of her children. Dulay, one of her children, wants to become a rapper like her mother.

In an interview, she disclosed that she has no custody of her children, who live with her relatives.

Who Did Akbar V’s Surgery:

– Akbar V surgery was done by Atlanta-based plastic surgeon Dr. Curves.

Where is Akbar V From?

– She is from Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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