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Audrey Dalton Net Worth, Height, Weight, Movies, Obituary, Bio

How Much is Audrey Dalton’s Net Worth?

Audrey Dalton’s net worth has been estimated at $1.5 million. The vast majority of her wealth comes from her successful acting career.

She began her acting career in the 1950s, appearing in such TV series as Wagon Train (1958-1964), The Millionaire (1958), and Perry Mason (1961). She also had a role in the television series Gunsmoke (1962).

Dalton has had roles in the films The Girls of Pleasure Island (1953) and Titanic (1953). She has also appeared in the television series Kitten with a Whip (1964) and Police Woman (1974–1978).

Audrey Dalton Measurements:

Audrey Dalton’s body measurement is quite impressive. She has a very slim and slender body type that many women envy. She also has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Though she does not confirm her body measurements, some experts suggest that her measurement is 30 in/22 in/ 33 in. Even though she is not the tallest woman in Hollywood, her proportions are quite perfect.

How Much is Audrey Dalton’s Height?

The actress has never confirmed her exact height, but various sources claim she is 5 feet 1 in /155 cm tall. This would make her slightly taller than the average woman but still shorter than many of her Hollywood peers.

Dalton’s height has been the source of much debate over the years. Some claim she is too short to be a successful actress, while others believe her height is one of her defining physical features.

However, regardless of her exact height, there is no denying that Audrey Dalton is a beautiful woman with a successful career in Hollywood.

How Much is Audrey Dalton’s Weight?

Audrey Dalton has been the subject of public scrutiny for being too thin and not looking like a “real woman.” The 5’1″ tall actress has been considered both too skinny and too curvy during her career.

However, she has also been praised for her slim figure and looks like a Hollywood star. There is no exact information on her weight, but some sources stated that her weight is 168 lb / 76 kg.

Some people think she is too thin, while others believe she is a perfect weight. There are many different opinions on the matter, but one thing is for sure – Audrey Dalton is a beautiful woman, no matter her weight.

Audrey Dalton’s Movies and TV Shows:

We all know Audrey Dalton from her roles in some of the most iconic movies of the time. But many don’t know that she has a lengthy and varied filmography.

In addition to the classics, Audrey has starred in a wide range of genres and styles of movies. For example, in 1953, she appeared in the film “Titanic.” This was followed by the western “Casanova’s Big Night” in 1954.

Audrey is perhaps best known for her dramatic roles. In 1957 she starred in the war film “The Monster That Challenged the World.” She also appeared in the 1959 film “This Other Eden.”

Some of her movies and TV shows are:

Thriller (1960)

National Velvet (1961)

Bringing Up Buddy (1961)

Kraft Mystery Theater (1962)

The Wide Country (1963)

Insight (1966)

Kitten with a Whip (1964)

The Bounty Killer (1965)

Me and Benjy (1967)

Police Woman (1974–1978)

So whatever your favorite genre or movie style, there’s a good chance that Audrey Dalton has starred in something that you’ll enjoy.

So next time you’re looking for something to watch, check out her filmography. You might find a new favorite movie.

Audrey Dalton’s Biography:

Audrey Dalton was an actress born in Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland, on 21 January 1934. She was the daughter of Alice Shannon and Emmet Dalton.

Her father is army personnel and received Military Cross for his service as a part of the British Army in World War I. In addition, her father was a major general in the National Army during the Irish Civil War.

Dalton began studying at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), moved to the USA, started working in the entertainment industry, and began appearing in American films and TV shows.

Her first appearance was on the TV show Wagon Train in 1958 and The Millionaire in 1958. Besides this, she has also worked in many TV series and movies.

She married James H. Brown in 1952. With her first husband, brown, she has five children. After spending 25 years together, she gave divorced her husband in 1977.

In the following year, in 1978, she married Rod F. Simenz, an engineer.

Is Audrey Dalton Look Like Vivien Leigh?

There is no wonder many people found their favorite actresses identical to their other favorite actresses. As such, actress Audrey Dalton and Vivien Leigh resemble each other.

Leigh is a British actress and won an Academy Award for Best Actress, Twice for her role in the American epic historical romance film Gone with the wind (1939) and in A Streetcar Named Desire (1951).

She also won Tony Awards for her role on Broadway, a theatrical performance. In addition, she was listed as the 16th greatest female movie star of classic Hollywood Cinema by the American Film Institute in 1999.

In her carrier in the film industry, she has appeared in numerous movies and stage plays. Same as Audrey, she has a very fresh and energetic appearance.

Her beautiful and charming character also got a very attractive smile. Both actresses have a pair of beautiful eyes and gorgeous hair. Both are blessed with charming and small noses and full lips.

They both have frame-ready appearances and have very natural beauty in them. Both two perfectly resemble each other.

Audrey Dalton Obituary:

There is a rumor that Actress Audrey Dalton has died. However, as she left the movie industry long ago, it is hard for her followers to get the right information.

So the rumor of her death got the fuel, spread like wildfire, and flooded the internet. Audrey Dalton is a citizen of both the Republic of Ireland and the United States of America. She lives and enjoys her leisure in her place in Dublin, Ireland, with safe and sound health.


Who are Audrey Dalton’s Children?

She has five children with her first husband, James Harmon Brown. With her first husband, she has three sons and two daughters.

They are Victoria Patricia Brown, Tara Anne Brown, James E. Brown, Richard P. Brown, and Adrian E. Brown.

Is Audrey Dalton Still Alive?

Yes, she is. She was born on 21 January 1934 and is now 88 years old. She now lives in Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland.

How Old is Audrey Dalton?

She is 88 years old.

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