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Chris Heria Net Worth, Height, Weight, Tattoos, Haircut, Workout, Diet, Wife

How Much is Chris Heria’s Net Worth?

Chris Heria is an American fitness trainer with a net worth of $8 million. He is the founder of the YouTube channel CHRIS HERIA, which has over 4.14 million subscribers, and the CEO of ThenX fitness company.

In addition to his YouTube channel, he gained his worth as a sponsored athlete and his fitness apparel line. Moreover, he has websites offering personal training services and fitness accessories, which also help him to earn his worth and will continue to grow in the coming years.

How Much is Chris Heria’s Height?

Heria is 5 feet 9 inches/ 1.79 meters tall. This is an average height for a man, but his muscular build and low body fat percentage make him appear much more prominent than his actual height.

His height is just one aspect of his physical appearance that has helped him to become a successful fitness trainer and social media personality. 

How Much is Chris Heria’s Weight?

His weight is 75 kg/165.3 lbs. Heria is known for his incredibly shredded physique, and he is often photographed shirtless, showing off his ripped abs and huge biceps.

He is not carrying any excess body fat, and his muscles are exceptionally well defined. He eats a clean diet and works out diligently, which is why he has such a fantastic physique.

Chris Heria’s Tattoos on His Body: 

Chris loves to have tattoos on his body. He has plenty of tattoos in different places on his body. Some of them are:

Tattoos on Neck: On the right side of his Neck is a tattoo of a large purple flower. He has a dark-designed tattoo on the left side of his Neck.

Tattoos on Throat: He has geometric design tattoos on his throat. These tattoos have a meaning, which is: that it is known as the flower of life. This is believed to be the sacred geometric shape that represents the cycle of creation.

The pattern of the design delineates all life comes from a singular source. He also has another geometric tattoo on his left arm.


Tattoos on His Back: 

On his back, he has the most extensive tattoos among all of the tattoos on his body. The tattoo is of a warrior in the dark, surrounded by black and grey Smokey patterns and the face of the tattooed worrier face is dark and also surrounded by clouds.

Quote Tattoos: A quote “I will be heard” is tattooed across his chest. The tattoo has swirly lines that reach down to his chest, enfolding three faces with closed eyes. one face in the middle and one on both sides.

Design Tattoos: His right shoulder has red and blue design tattoos in which the red line represents the phoenix’s face bordered by blue lines. The blue phoenix is a sign of rebirth, strength, and renewal.

Tattoo of “Owl”: An owl tattoo on the upper backside of his arm and just above his elbow. This represents wisdom, knowledge, and transition.

Tattoo of “Einstein”: He has a tattoo of Albert Einstein on his right upper hand. It is portraits of his idols and family.

Tattoo of “Galaxy”: His right bicep has a tattoo of the galaxy, which shows a green space explosion in space with floating rocks and debris below it.

“Monster and Octopus” Tattoos: Right forearm of Chris has covered entirely with large tattoos of stormy seas. On his elbow, he has a tattoo of a shark with an open mouth, and on his wrist is an octopus with tentacles wrapped around Chris’s forearm.

Face Tattoo: On his right hand, he has a baby tattoo, which is believed to be the portrait of his son Zen Heria.

Letters Tattoo: In his left hand, he has a letter tattoo “REDE” and “THIS,” and on his left hand, he has a letter tattoo of “Fine” and “MESS.” Together these tattoos spell out the words “REDEFINE THIS MESS.” These are the earliest tattoos of his life, which he got at 18.

 – Tattoos on The Left Arm:

“Woman and Cube” Tattoo: On his left arm, he has a tattoo of a woman’s face, and on his left wrist is a cube with circles inside. The look is believed to be the face of his loved one or a family member. The cube is Metatron’s cube.

It is named after the watcher of the flow of energy in the natural creation of Archangel Metatron. The circle inside the cube represents geometric patterns of the universe that can find throughout our universe.

Man Tattoo: In the upper body, he has a tattoo of a man with joined hand in prayer.

‘Portrait and Girl’ Tattoos: A tattoo of an old man’s face on Chris’s arm and a portrait of a little girl’s face on the inside of Chris’s left wrist.

The portrait of a man is a portrait of serial killer Albert Fish. But the tattoo represents the band Albert Fish, founded by Chris and his friends.

Face Tattoo: In his left upper arm and shoulder, there are two faces tattooed. one is with a large beard, which interprets two faces in front of a geometric design.

And the other one below is a face of a robot with peeling of the skin and revealing a child in his brain.

Body Side Tattoo: An ornate swirly line is tattooed on the left side of his body.

 – Tattoos on The Legs:

Rude and Dude Tattoo: the word RUDE is tattooed on his right thigh, and the word DUDE is tattooed on his left thigh. Together they spell out the words “Rude DUDE.”

Lower Leg Tattoos: Chris’s right lower leg has a tattoo of a man with a melancholic expression, wearing a robe looking and rays of light coming from behind his head.

On his left leg is a tattoo of a woman’s face with machine parts below.

The tattoo on his right leg is a tattoo of Jesus Christ, representing the sacrifice of Jesus to save humanity and Chris’s religious view.

How to Get Chris Heria’s Haircut Styles?

Chris Heria is a world-renowned fitness trainer, and his hairstyle is just as iconic as his physique. His haircut is a clean and stylish look that is perfect for guys who want to show off their muscles.
Here’s everything you need to know. First, the haircut is a clean cut with a disconnected top. The sides and back are buzzed short, while the top is left longer and styled up and away from the face.
This disconnected style is what gives this haircut its signature look. First, ask your barber for a short buzz on the sides and back. The length should be about an inch or two. For the top, you’ll want to leave it longer, about 3-4 inches.
Next, tell your barber to disconnect the top from the sides and to style it up and away from the face. It’s an excellent option for guys who want a stylish, clean-cut look.

Chris Heria’s Workout Routine:

However, Chris Heria’s workout plan is designed in a way that can bring more effective results for the body.

Workout Principle:

His Workout consists of Workout for six days a week, spending 2-3 hours. Chris usually focuses more on stretch and cardio and always stretches before and after his workouts.

Chris is very good at his calisthenics training. He shows us some movements we can perform without a gym. As per Chris, the best Workout to use is bodyweight exercise and sticking to a clean diet. According to Jackedgorilla, his workouts are:

  • Chest Workout Routine:

In this routine it has five different exercises:

-Weighted vest push-up (25 reps)

-Weighted vest push-up with bar (25)

– Weighted vest ring dip (12 reps)

-Weighted vest ring push-up (12 reps)

-Weighted vest decline push-up (25 reps)

  •   Back Workout Routine:

In this Workout, Chris performs six different exercises with an average of 4 sets and seven reps.

Exercise is:

-Spider push-up across (5 reps)

-Mountain climbers(45 seconds)

-plank (45 seconds)

-Barbell deadlift (4 sets, five reps)

-Bent over row(4 sets, seven reps)

-Pull up (4 sets until failure)

-Single-arm dumbbell row (4 sets, seven reps)

– Barbell curl(4 sets until failure)

-Australian pull-up (4 sets until failure)

  • Shoulder Workout Routine: 

This Workout contains seven different exercises:

-Single -arm pull up(3 sets, four reps)

-tuck planche press to handstand (3 sets, six reps)

-Barbell military press (3 sets, ten reps)

-Tuck planche push-up (3 sets, five reps)

-Handstand to 90 degrees push up (3 sets, ten reps)

-Dumbbell rear delt fly (3 sets, 12 reps)

-handstand push up (3 sets, eight reps)

  • Arm Workout Routine:

It has six exercises with different move

-pronated curl (3 sets, ten reps)

-Supinated curl (3 sets, ten reps)

-Neutral curl (3 sets, ten reps)

-Overhead triceps extension (3 sets, ten reps)

– Laying dumble extension (3 sets, ten reps)

– Supinated triceps Kickback (3 sets, ten reps)

  • Chris Heria’s Legs Workout Routine: 

In this exercise, eight different activities are performed. Which are:

-Jump squat and hold (4 sets. 15 reps)

-Alternating lunge and hold (4 sets, 20 reps)

-Sumo squat (4 sets, 20 reps)

-Jumping jacks ( 4 sets, 45 seconds)

-Calf raises and holds (4 sets, 20 reps)

-Pistol squat (4 sets, eight reps)

-Wall sit (4 sets, 45 seconds)

-Box jump (4 sets, 15 reps)

  • Chris Heria’s Ab Workout Routine:

Chris performs a series of Workout for his Abs. the exercise is:

-Twisting pulldown variation

-Abs wheel rollouts

-laying leg raises

-incline crunches.

Chris Heria’s Diet Plan:

Chris Heria sticks to a clean diet to keep him in the best shape. According to him, His diet routine is:

  1.  Breakfast: 

During his breakfast, he loves to take:

– Protein shakes with one banana

-1 teaspoon of protein powder

– Berries

– Almond milk

  1.  Lunch: 

His lunch contains:

-Sliced turkey


-Vegetable Soup

  1.  Snack:

His snack is:

– 1 apple

-Almond butter

  1.  Dinner: 

At dinner, he takes:

-Chicken breasts Honey

-Chili sauce

Who is Chris Heria’s Wife?

As of available information, his wife’s name is unknown. He is currently not in any relationship. But he has a connection at a young age.


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He was 19 when her girlfriend got pregnant and gave birth to his son Zen, but he didn’t disclose the name of his girlfriend, who gave birth to his son.

Did Chris Heria Stab Someone?

Yes, he did. After giving birth to her son Zen Heria, Chris’s girlfriend scared him about whether he should marry her as soon as possible or he will not be able to see his son again by blocking contact with him.

After some days, when he was in a restaurant with his new girlfriend, he was attacked by a group of gangsters and stabbed a knife in the back of a gang member in self-defense. Later he realized that they were the cousins of his son’s mother.

But for the stabbing, he was charged with aggravated battery and arrested by the police. But immediately, he got bailed as he proved that it was a part of his self-defense.


How Old is Chris Heria?

– He is now 30 years old(December 21, 1991).

What is Chris Heria’s Girlfriend’s Name?

– There is no information about what’s the name of his girlfriend. But he has a son with his ex-girlfriend named Zen.

What is Chris Heria’s Ethnicity?

– Chris didn’t say anything about his ethnicity. But some sources said that part of his name, “Heria,” could be found in the Philippines, and he is of Pilipino ancestry.

Chris Heria’s Shop For Fitness:

Chris Heria sells Fitness products, accessories, and fashion items from his shop. In addition, you can find all his fitness items from his official sites and a dedicated online shop. Moreover, you can buy his fitness program from his official fitness site.

Is Chris Heria a Natural Body Builder?

Yes, he is a natural bodybuilder. He develops a method where he checks out all the details for bodybuilding and follows a gradual progression method to transform your body from ordinary to fit.

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