Chris Stokes Net Worth

How Much is Chris Stokes Net Worth? (Movies, Wife, B2K, Daughter)

Who is Chris Stokes?

The popular music producer Chris Stokes was born on July 21, 1969. He discovered B2K and Immature in the 1990s. The 53-year-old music producer is from Los Angeles, California. He produced “Mind Blown” in 1995.

It was his big break after singing for crowds since he was 12. He created the Ultimate Group in 2000. He directed You Got Served in 2004. He introduced his apparel chain Christopher Brian Collection in 2007.

How Does Chris Stokes’s Net Worth Reach?

The current net worth of Christopher B. Stokes is approximately $17 million. Stokes could be more public about his net worth. Chris Stokes works in both the music and film industries.

“You Got Served” was a hit movie of his career, earning grossed $150 million worldwide. Later Stokes became Vice President of A&M/Interscope Records after his breakthrough film before relocating to Hollywood.

Stokes openly discusses his modest source of income and financial assets. Stokes’ numerous interests, like direction, production, and collaboration, have allowed him to attain his net worth and diversify his assets to generate a multifaceted net worth.

Stokes has succeeded as a songwriter despite his music director background. He is still working to stay at the top of the entertainment industry.

Soon Stokes branched out his talent in fashion. Stokes hired Kim Kardashian to model for his luxury apparel brand, Christopher Brian. His couture collection features raunchy and polished Kardashian images.

Most Popular Chris Stokes Movies Over the Years:

The talented Chris Stokes branched out his talent in many sectors. He has gained remarkable popularity in the film industry. He received his debut film “House Party 4” in 2001, starring Immature.

The 2003 film “You Got Served” was the first dance movie by the writer/director Chris Stokes. Earning nearly $150 million worldwide, this film opened at the top of the box office charts and continued to rule in its second weekend. Stokes’s career skyrocketed after the hit. Marques Houston and Lil’ Kim were cast in the film.

He also co-wrote and directed the horror movies “Somebody Help Me” and “Somebody Help Me 2”. The first sequel had its television debut on BET on Halloween 2007. Later, it was published on DVD on November 13, 2007.

Vivendi handled distribution for both the sequel. “No Vacancy,” the second horror film produced by the studio, was finished in 2011 and is the first Stokes film without any musicians featured.

“Battlefield America”, a dance-drama directed by Stokes starring Lynn Whitfield, Gary Anthony Sturgis, and, Marques Houston, marked Stokes’ return to the dance war genre. The movie centers on a young entrepreneur who must form a dance team out of a bunch of misfit adolescents as part of his community service duties.

It was revealed in 2018 that Chris Stokes has signed a contract with Viacom for three films, “Fall Girls,” “We Belong Together,” and “Running out of Time.” “We Belong Together,” by Chris Stokes’ production business Footage Films, debuted concurrently on BET and BET Her to kick off the BET Network’s original film franchise.

In 2019, BET+ announced the release of “Sacrifice,” a new legal thriller directed, written, and produced by Chris Stokes under his production firm Footage Films, with Paula Patton as the lead. On the pay-per-view network UrbanflixTV in May 2020, Stokes’ brand-new musical series “Howard High,” starring Marques Houston, made its premiere.

Child Molestation Allegations Against Chris Stokes B2K Manager:

Producer Chris Stokes has been the subject of vicious rumors in the entertainment business for years. The accusation of child molestation was made against the celebrity. Raz-B, a former member of B2K, and Ricky Romance, his elder brother, have come up with shocking allegations that Stokes abused them and likely all the other B2K members, as well as Marques Houston.

Later, Lil Fizz and J-Boog refused to collaborate with Chris Stokes or Marques Houston, which caused the group to disband. Although Raz B has asserted that Stokes and Houston sexually assaulted every member of B2K, the other members of the group have not yet come forward.

Omarion decided to stick with Stokes and let him handle his solo career following the breakup. Raz-B was viciously humiliated online even though he publicly spoke about the alleged abuse he endured at the time.

Who is Christopher Stokes’s Wife?

Chris Stokes and Teen Kellz have been dating for years now. The happy news is the couple is finally getting hitched. The announcement of their engagement was made on Instagram from Chris Stokes’s official page.

The photo of this 53-year-old music producer getting down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend took social media by storm. The duo was seen wearing matching cozy outfits by Louis Vuitton on their special moment.

This will be Stokes’s second marriage. He is the father of four children from his first marriage to Monyee Stokes. The people who follow Chris are delighted for him, but critics bring up the accusations he’s made in the past.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Old is Chris Stokes?

– The talented producer and director Chris stoke celebrated his 53rd birthday this year. He was born in 1969 in Los Angles, California.

Who is Chris Stoke’s Daughter?

– Chris Stokes’s daughter Chrissy Stokes appeared in Southland (2012). On Instagram, she has more than 550,000 followers under the handle iamchrissy97. She played Tee Tee in the 2012 film Somebody Help Me 2. She was the film’s production designer in 2016.

Is Chris Stokes Gay?

– Chris stokes is very open about his sexuality. He addressed his sexual preference as Straight. However, many allegations have been made against his sexual preferences over the year.

Where is Chris Stokes Now?

– His Instagram posts and stories suggest that he is on a spiritual path. He has been seen sharing motivational posts. He has discouraged people from fabricating facts in some of his recent social media posts.

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