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How Much is Cousin Stizz’s Net Worth?

Cousin’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million. This includes earnings from his music sales, touring, and merchandise sales.

Cousin Stizz is still relatively early in his career but has already accomplished a great deal. He is a talented rapper and songwriter with a unique style.

His music has resonated with fans all over the world. As Cousin Stizz’s career grows, so will his net worth.

He is already one of the most successful rappers in the game, and there is no doubt that he will continue to have a very successful career.

Cousin Stizz’s Songs and Album:

In the past few years, American rapper and songwriter Cousin Stizz has become one of hip-hop’s most exciting new voices. His 2015 debut album, Suffolk County, was a critical and commercial success, and his follow-up, Monda, cemented his reputation as one of the most promising young rappers in the game.

Stizz’s music is marked by its honesty and focus on real-life stories and experiences. His songs are often personal and introspective, and he has a knack for delivering his lyrics with an infectious energy that is impossible to resist.

One of the things that make Stizz so unique is his ability to capture the feeling of being young and carefree. His songs are often about having fun and living in the moment, and they make the listener feel like they are right there with him, experiencing all the good times.

If you are a hip-hop fan or are looking for something new to listen to, you should check out Cousin Stizz. His unique style and voice are sure to win you over.

He has released many albums and songs. Some of his best and most popular tracks are:

-“Fresh Prince”

-“No Bells”

-“No Explanation”

-“Lethal Weapon”

-“Say Dat”



-“Dirty Bands”

-“Coulda Been”

-“All Star”



-“The Wave”


-“Switch Places”

Some of his other songs are:

-“Star Power”

-“Look Both Ways”

-“RIP Bro”

-“Guts & Glory”



-“After the Buzzer”

-“Save the Day”


-“Love Song”


-“The Store”

-“Doubted Me”


-“Paper Calling”

-“No Ice”

-“Up To Something”


-“Super Bowl”

-“Cheddar Bring”

-“Fed Up”

-“Ain’t Really Much”

-“Real Life”

-“Dum Dope”


-“No Explanation”

-“I Got It”

-“Jordan Fade”

-“No Bells”


-“Gone Til November”

Some of his albums are:

-“Trying To Find My Next Thrill”

-“Just For You”

-“One Night Only”


-“Suffolk County”


 – Cousin Stizz’s Butterfly Song:

Cousin Stizz’s “Butterfly” is the single song of his album “Cold Times”. It is the 2nd track of this album. This album was released on 21 September 2018 under the Record label RCA Records. RCA is a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

– Cousin Stizz’s Bonds Song:

Cousin Stizz’s “Bonds” is the 10th track of the “Suffolk County” album. The song was first released in May 2015, and as a track of the album, Suffolk County was released on 1 June 2015. The “Bonds” song was directed by Goodwin and produced by Lil Rich.

 – Cousin Stizz’s Perfect Song:

Cousin Stizz’s “Perfect” is the song featured with American rapper duo City Girls and first released on 8 July 2019 as a single track under RCA Records. Then it was released as a second track of the album “Trying to Find My Next Thrill” by Cousin Stizz on 13 August 2019. In addition, this song has a remix version featuring Doja Cat and BIA and was released on 14 February 2020 under the label of RCA Records.

Cousin Stizz’s Interview:

During his interview with Audiomack, Cousin talks about his album “Just For You” and his parts away from RCA. “It’s the same gang, same guys, same operations since the beginning. This is just what we do,” expresses his positive opinion about his new journey after splitting from RCA Records.

He explains his “Just For You” album and says, “An artist that speaks on their life, you gotta put your insecurities, pains, fears, sadness, and happiness all on the tracks.”

He also said, “Just For You is a project for you. It’s a project to show you can do whatever, and you don’t need anybody. It was a damn-near therapy session for me.”

He told his break between his albums “Trying To Find My New Thrill” and “Just For You;” “People look at me and see somebody who’s like them, and that’s the draw.” “I don’t try to do all the extra. I like being a person,” He says.

As an artist, he loves to be himself and feels pride in being as he is; in his words, “You can be perfectly fine out there being yourself,” and said, “You could walk around confident, with your head held high. You’re you—there’s only one of those on this whole planet.”

He describes his passion in his interview with Audiomack. In response to a question about his love, he says, “If it’s something you care about, you never lose passion. If you got a kid, you gon’ be passionate about your kid for life, regardless of the good and bad.

I look at music in that light. I was doing this when I was broke, when nobody cared, and I give it the same all I’m giving it now. I just like making music.

It’s not like I’m sitting in big studios. I do it all in my closet. I record myself. It takes a lot for me to make a song. I gotta really wanna make a song.”

As he separated from major record label RCA, he said what he learned from his time with RCA, “I could’ve done it all myself anyway. No slight to anybody who gave me opportunities, because without that, who knows where I’d be and what I’d learned.

Me being signed, it fast-tracked me onto all these lessons I needed to learn to successfully do my thing independently. We were indie from the jump, and we did a lot just us.”

As a boss of his own carrier again, he said, “It’s always been like that with us, though. I know there are mad horror stories with labels, but RCA never did that to me. I got a lot of love for them—no bad blood. They never tried to impede my creativity. They let me do me.”

He loves to be himself and feels comfortable, “I’ve always been comfortable being me. I had to regain my confidence because the light, glitz, glamour… You start to feel like you have to be someone else in order to fit in there.

It’s not like that. You can be perfectly fine out there being yourself, and you’ll be sane! I hold that so highly, knowing there’s only one of me.

Lord knows there are so many people trying to be like one another, you know?”

He describes himself as a perfectionist and answers a question from Audiomack about how he describes himself as a perfectionist and whether it bit himself or not, “I had to get rid of that. We all wanna be perfect and don’t want something out until it’s perfect.

But, for real, what is perfect? They say we can’t be perfect, so how can we know when something else is? Put out [music] when it feels great to you. “This is it!” When it feels like that, it should go out.”

He described the closest to perfect song of his album “Just For You” and said, “I love “Guts & Glory.” Close to perfect? “LBS” is a close-to-perfect record.

Anytime I feel like I’ve got a real message across, that’s perfect enough for me. When I wanna have fun and want people to have fun—it’s not always about being sad—there are different elements to life.

I want my music to be like that, too. But whenever I’m trying to get my point across and I do, that’s good.”

As an artist, it is essential to know when a song is done; Cousin says how he knows; “You feel it, or the beat runs out. The moment when you’ve said what you needed to say. It’s in my heart.”

He also says that “You have to have a lot of reps in the profession you choose. I rap so much. I’m tired right now because I was rapping until 4 a.m. last night.”

As Audiomack asked whether 4 a.m. is late and if he still loves it or not, for an answer, he said, “I love making music. It took a while to get there, but it’s a beautiful place to be in.”  

He also talked about his opinion about a job; when Audionmack asked whether he hated the job, in response, he said, “You’re talking about a job, right? Whenever you take a career, things change.

Things changed when I started realizing you can do this, but you gotta do this. It was harder, but now… I put in all those hours of grinding and trying to figure things out for myself, and then when you get to the end of the road and can do it yourself…”

You can read his interview with Audiomack here.

Cousin Stizz’s Biography:

Cousin was born on 15 March 1992 in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. His real name is Stephen Goss, known as Cousin Stizz.

He grew up in Dorchester, a Massachusetts neighborhood. A childhood friend gave him this “Cousin Stizz” name at his 12 years ago, and this friend of Cousin was shot to death.

After the death of his friend, Cousin starts to behave recklessly. He completed his graduation from Reading Memorial High School in 2010.

He began his carrier in his late teens and started to attend local cypher series and also released music from his group Pilot Nation after a year of joining. He took rapping as a full-time carrier in 2013 with his fellow Boston rapper friend Michael Christmas.

In the following year, 2014, he releases his first official solo single track, “Shoutout.” Cousin’s first mixtape Suffolk County, where he was a solo artist, was released on 1 June 2015 and got over 12 million listens on SoundCloud.

He gained wide notice on the internet after a video of Canadian rapper, songwriter, and Actor Drake was released where he played Stizz’s Shoutout song at his birthday party. Cousin’s 2nd mixtape, “MONDA,” was released in the 2016’s summer and named one of DigBoston’s Best Local Albums of 2016.

In late 2016, he signed with major label RCA Records, and his third and RCA’s first album, One Night Only, was released on 12 July 2017. This album featured rapper Offset, G-Eazy, Big Leano, And Buddy and got production credits from Tee-WaTT, Tedd Boyd, Vinylz, FrancisGotHeat, Smash David, WondaGurl, and Dave Sava6e.

His single “Headlock,” featured by Rapper Offset, which he released after three weeks after the release of his One Night Only album, streamed over 11.3 million times on Spotify and reached number 12 on Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart, and got over 8 million times watches on YouTube.

In December 2018, he became “Artist of the Year” at the Boston Music Awards and became the first-ever hip-hop musician who received the awards with the ceremony’s high honor.


How Much is Cousin Stizz’s Age?

-He is 30 years old. He was born on 15 March 1992.

Where is Cousin Stizz From?

-He is from Dorchester, a Boston neighborhood, Massachusetts, U.S.

How Much is Cousin Stizz’s Height?

-His height is 5’1″/155 cm.

How Much is Cousin Stizz’s Weight?

-His Weight is 60 kg/ 115 lbs.

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