daniel day lewis net worth

Daniel Day Lewis Net Worth

Who isn’t intrigued about this famous heartthrob –slash- brilliant actor? who has a net worth of $50 million.

He is widely renowned for his Oscar-worthy performances and wins for famous movies like ‘My Left Foot,’ ‘Lincoln’ and ‘There Will Be blood.’ While these had merely delivered him his peak success, he also appeared plus won over many more films such as ‘Nine,’ ‘Gangs of New York’ and so on.

During his student life, he had emerged as one of the leading actors in screenplays and stage acting. Evidently, this led him to the bigger and better opportunities that eventually bestowed him with what he is now. The perfect blend of showcasing his talent and engaging the audience in his breathtaking aura started when he was merely learning but has obviously, he did quite a justice to his potential.

Let’s talk about this Irish actor’s net worth now. Daniel Day Lewis’s net worth is estimated to be a whopping $50 million according to popular news portals. He had earned the majority of his net worth from his acting career, given that he wasn’t one who was prone to rousing endorsements or commercials. His acting career, which began in the 1970s, had yet again, proven to be potent.

Daniel Day Lewis is considered one of the most striking actors of all time. However, he did start small with supporting roles in movies like, ‘Gandhi.’ His breakout role was in ‘My Left Foot,’ which had sky-rocketed his net worth to date. And although it was a low budget film, it had grossed over $14 million, which led Daniel to win his first Academy Award.

Daniel Day Lewis’s net worth also bloomed due to movies like ‘The Last of Mohican,’ which grossed $75 million and ‘Gangs of New York, ’ which had grossed about $193.8 million. In addition to such enormity, he also charged within a range of $6-$8 million per film. Needless to say, that he took long intervals in between each of his movies, and that’s because of how well-compensated he was for each of them.

However, this also goes without saying that he never partook in any ‘tasteless’ films. He chose his scripts after careful consideration, and that’s a reason why he is so well-acknowledged. At this point, he has already rejected projects worth millions of dollars. Thus, he was also paid adequately.

Let’s break down Daniel Day Lewis’s net worth further. While his net worth lingers around at $50 million, his salary per year is $8.33 million, which, if roughly calculated, tells us that he makes about $694,444.44 per month and approximately $160,256.41 per week. In short, he makes about $0.26 per second every day.

Daniel Day Lewis Net Worth $10 Million

Session Income
Per Second $0.26
Per Minute $15.85
Per Hour $951.29
Per Day $22,831.05
Per Week $160,256.41
Per Month $694,444.44
Per Year $8.33 Millions

However, his net worth hasn’t stopped booming since he retired, either. Sadly, his blockbusters and flawless performances had come to an inevitable halt in 2017. After completing his final film ‘Phantom Thread,’ the actor called it quits from Hollywood and retired. Even though audiences crave for another glimpse of this talented actor, unfortunately, they won’t see another day of Daniel Day Lewis’s blockbusters.

Today, Daniel Day Lewis’s film’s total gross stands at an estimation of $820 million.

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