DL Hughley Net Worth

DL Hughley is an American comedian, and everything else he does circle around comedy. From radio and TV hosting, programs and sitcoms, you will never grow tired of a good laugh whenever you watch his innovative, fun spots.

Remember ‘The Original Kings of Comedy’? Well, DL Hughley was one of the main characters in the sitcom. Whose net worth is $10 million.

Basic Information

Real Name Darryl Lynn Hughley
Nickname DL Hughley
Birthplace Portsmouth, Virginia
Birthday March 6
Age 57
Occupation Actor, Radio host, Author, Comedian
Net Worth $10 Million
Nationality American
Relationship Status Married

Who is DL Hughley?

DL Hughley was born on March 6, 1963, to Charles and Audrey Hughley. He grew up in LA and has a cheeky teenage history.

The popular comedian was married to LaDonna Hughley from 1986 to date. Together, they have two daughters and a son, namely Ryan, Tyler and, Kyle, respectively.

How Much is DL Hughley Net Worth?

Hughley is worth $10 Million, as far of 2020.

Session Income
Per Second $0.03
Per Minute $1.9
Per Hour $114.16
Per Day $2,739.73
Per Week $19,230.77
Per Month $83,333.33
Per Year $1,000,000

How Does DL’s Net Worth Reach?

Hughley gets his income from his career as a TV and radio host.

He gets his money from his career as a media personality, selling his films and books. 


DL came to light in 1992, when he started working on BET TV as a stand-up comedian in the show ComicView. From here, his talent took him to greater heights, seeing him blossom on CNN, among other media.

Hughley writes and does stand up comedies on TV programs. He is also a commendable radio host, with quite a range of shows on his list, which he has hosted over the years.

Moreover, he has produced a variety of sitcoms that has won him a place in the film industry. Besides, he has been the voice behind some characters in films, such as Inspector Gadget.

The most renowned of his work include D.L. Hughley: Unapologetic, DL Hughley Breaks the News, and obviously, The Original Kings of Comedy, where he acted with Steve Harvey and other top comedians.

Social Media Life

DL Hughley is active on all his social media accounts. Get him on twitter @RealDLHughley, on Instagram @realdlhughley, and Facebook D.L. Hughley.

Now His Life

Unfortunately, in June 2020, DL Hughley tested positive for Coronavirus. This was after he collapsed during his show. He says that he was asymptomatic, as he had none of the Covid-19 symptoms.


Is it true that Hughley’s son is sick?

– Yes, Kyle Hughley, 26, has Asperger syndrome. However, Hughley opens up about it and how he has dealt with it.

Is DL Hughley still married?

– Yes, he is. His wife LaDonna is still with him.

What disease does DL Hughley have?

– Coronavirus. DL Hughley tested positive for the disease, but from his social media updates, he seems to be doing fine.

Bottom Line

The comedian-cum-actor DL Hughley may currently be undergoing an illness, but his positivity on the whole issue is impressive. The good news is that he is recuperating. He will be in quarantine in his hotel.

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