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Fortune Feimster Net Worth, Weight Loss, Sweet and Salty, Swim Team, Wife

Who is Fortune Feimster?

Emily Fortune Feimster, better known by her name Fortune Feimster is an American actress, writer, and comedian. She was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, on 1 July 1980.

Comedian Fortune Feimster is known for her show Chelsea Lately, The Mindy Project. She was born to her parents, Mike Feimster and Ginger Feimster.

She got her name Fortune from her great-grandmother’s maiden name. She was grown up in Belmont, North Carolina.

She attended Belmont Central Elementary School and Belmont Junior High. She also graduated from South Point High School in 1998.

She also attended a then women-only university, Peace College, and obtained a degree in communications.

How Much is Fortune Feimster’s Net Worth?

Her net worth is estimated to be $3 million. She earned her money through her successful career in acting and comedy shows and as a writer.

She worked on many movies and TV shows and also worked on a podcast more over she also appeared on many podcasts.

She writes and performed many stand-up comedies, E!’s Chelsea Lately and The Mindy Project in 2015 on Hulu.

Moreover, she earned money and fame from her role in Fox’s made- for- television film Cabot College and Mulaney as Mary Joe.

Fortune Feimster’s Weight Loss Journey:

Feimster talks about her weight loss journey in her Netflix special Sweet and Salty, which was released in January 2020.

On that show, she said she had recently lost 40 pounds. She also mentioned that she realized it’s essential to be healthy when she and her wife gain weight.

So, keeping it in mind, They got an appointment with a doctor. Her doctor helped him, and she started to lose weight with the help of a controlled diet and exercise.

And in the end, she lost 40m pounds of weight. She lost weight because she eliminated all kinds of processed food, milk, alcohol, and added flavors, and they only ate meat and vegetables.

She removed the cream from her coffee and replaced it with almond milk. She also admitted that her fiancée, now wife Jacquelyn smith, motivated her.

Fortune Feimster’s Movies And TV Shows:

She works on Several movies and TV shows. Some of her movies and TV shows are:

Her Movies are:

 – “The Secret Lives of Dorks (2013).”      

 – “Life in Color (2015).” 

 – “Office Christmas Party (2016).”           

 – “Social Animals (2018).”

 – “Father of the Year (2018).”    

 – “The Happytime Murders (2018).”       

 – “Friendsgiving (2020).”

 – “Chick Fight (2020).”                   

 – “Soul (2020).”

 – “Deported (2021).”     

 – “Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar (2021).”

 – “Yes Day (2021).”         

 – “Sex Appeal (2022).”

Some of her TV Shows are:

 – “Last Comic Standing (2010).”

 – “After Lately (2011–2013).”

 – “Chelsea Lately (2013–2014).”

 – “2 Broke Girls (2014).”

 – “Workaholics (2014).”

 – “Mulaney (2014).”

 – “Glee (2015).”

 – “Hot Girls Walk By (2015).”

 – “Married (2015).”

 – “The Mindy Project (2015–2017).”

 – “Drunk History (2015).”

 – “Life in Pieces (2016–2019).”

 – “Go-Go Boy Interrupted (web series) (2016).”

 – “Chelsea (2016).”

 – “RuPaul’s Drag Race (2017).”

 – “The Standups in (2017).”

 – “Chelsea (2017).”

 – “Craig of the Creek (2018).”

 – “Summer Camp Island (2018).”

 – “Champions (2018).”

 – “Claws (2018).”

 – “The Fix (2018).”

 – “RuPaul’s Drag Race (2019).”

 – “Bless the Harts (2019–2021).”

 – “The Simpsons (2019).”

 – “Sunnyside (2019).”

 -“The L Word: Generation Q (2019).”

 – “Tales of The City (2019).”

 – “Sweet and Salty (2020).”

 – “Nailed It! (2020).”

 – “Kenan (2021).”

 – “The Circle – The After Party (2021).”

 – “Q-Force (2021)”

 – “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars (2021).”

 – “Is It Cake? (2022).”

Besides her movies and TV shows, he also hosts her podcast, “Sincerely Fortune.” She also appeared on several Podcasts:

 – “Queery (10 Nov. 2019).”

 – “The Margaret Cho (12 Aug. 2019).”

 – “This Past Weekend (9 Jan. 2020).”

 – “Anna Faris is Unqualified (20 Jan. 2020).”

 – “Lovett or Leave It (29 Feb. 2020).”

 – “The Sporkful (2 Mar. 2020).”

 – “The Joe Rogan Experience (11 Mar. 2020).”

 – “Your Mom’s House Podcast (2 Sep. 2020).”

 – “Do You Need A Ride? (30 Nov. 2020).”

 – “Comedy Bang Bang (15 Mar. 2021).”

 – “Good For You (30 Jun. 2021).”

 – “Bertcast (15 Dec. 2021).”

 – “I Said No Gifts! (21 Dec. 2021).”

 – “Scam Goddess (11 Jan. 2022).”

 Fortune Feimster’s Sweet And Salty Show:

Sweet and salty is a one-hour stand-up TV special from Feimster on Netflix. This special was directed by Krysia Plonka and was cast by Fortune Feimster and Choir Singer Henry Gelinas.

This show was released on 21 January 2020. This show gets a massive response from the audience.

This show got nominated for the Critics Choice Television Award for Best Comedy Special.

Fortune Feimster’s Swim Team Experience:

She joined a swim team in her hometown as a girl swim scout at her school at 12. She shares her experience during her swim team time.

She says that she joined the swim team because she noticed that all the people on the swim team ate fun dipping before their race in the swimming pool.

She also mentioned her failing in the swim team because of her misshape.

Fortune Feimster’s Wedding:

Their wedding was held in a rented house with ocean facing patio. The adorable ring bearer was Biggie, their Pomeranian rescue. Their wedding was live-streamed over Zoom on a computer set up on a chair in the middle of the patio.

They wanted to get married in the summer of 2020, but their guest is facing a problem to come on their wedding as travel is restricted by the coronavirus pandemic. But somehow, they managed to come to the ceremony.

Their wedding ceremony was small. They invited only a couple of close friends with had a COVID test to keep them small for not being the cause of the coronavirus spread.

They choose a venue with indoor and outdoor spaces to make people feel more comfortable. They also decided to keep the number of helping people in the house minimal, along with their guests.

They hired the best event planning company, Missy Fine Inc., who put all the lovely staff together at the last minute.

Who is Fortune Feimster’s Wife?

Fortune’s wife’s name is Jacquelyn Smith, also known as Jax Smith. Feimster and Jex’s smith engaged in January 2018 after two and a half years of successful dating.

Fortune proposed to Jax during a romantic trip to Big Sur in California. They tied their knot on 23 October 2020.

Jacquelyn Smith is a kindergarten teacher at the citizen of the world school in Los Angeles. She began her career as a Network Administrator at Weldaloy Product Company.

She served them from 1998 to 2003. After that, she joined as a database manager at Cornerstone. She was there from 2003 to 2004.

After that, she joined Posen Robbins School District School as a Kindergarten Teacher. After sometimes she moved to Chicago Public Schools as an Elementary School Teacher. S

She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications Management from Michigan State University. She also earned her master’s degree in Arts from Chicago State University.

They both own homes in multiple locations in the USA, including Los Angeles and Belmont, North Carolina.


What is Fortune Feimster’s Real Name?

– Her real name is Emily Fortune Feimster.

Who Are Fortune Feimster’s Brothers?

– She has two older brothers, Jay Feimster and Price Feimster.

How Tall is Fortune Feimster?

– Fortune Feimster’s height is 5 feet 8 inches/1.77 m / 177 m.

Who is Fortune Feimster’s Mom?

– Fortune Feimster’s mom’s name is Ginger Feimster.

What is Fortune Feimster’s Gender?

– She is biologically a woman. But in 2005, at her 25, she disclosed herself as Lesbian means she is a homosexual woman who is sexually oriented to women.

Who is Fortune Feimster’s Ex-Husband?

– Fortune’s ex-husband’s name is Tim.

How Old is Fortune Feimster?

– Feimster’s age is 42 Years. She was born on 1 July 1980.

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