George Weisgerber Net Worth

George Weisgerber Net Worth

You might not be familiar with George Weisgerber but must know Tailor Made of “I Love New York 2”. It is the nickname of Weisgerber. This TV reality show was one of his best-ever program that crossed over 5.4 million viewers.

Let’s know about him from his childhood to present net worth throughout his career journey with us.

Basic Information

Real Name George Weisgerber lll
Nickname George Weisgerber
Birthplace Queens, New York City Borough
Birthday December 25, 1974
Age 46
Occupation Actor
Net Worth $1.1 million
Nationality USA
Relationship Status Tiffany Pollard (Girlfriend)

Early Life

Born on December 25, 1974, George Weisgerber lll a.k.a. Tailor Made spent his childhood in Queens. And currently, he resides in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Though his current professional priority is social entrepreneurship, still time to time, Weisgerber acts as a proud member of AFTRA/SAG.

Public service, philanthropy, and political activism- these are his sectors of passion.

Career Beginning and Breakthrough

Weisgerber has successfully founded several startups such as Local Angel NYC, digital marketer. These organizations aim to help hundreds of small immigrant-owned businesses engaging customers online.

Additionally, in November 2017, Weisgerber was elected New York’s 67th Assembly District’s Democratic Country Committee.

He also serves for the Mount Sinai Health System on the Community Advisory Board. From 2007-2010, Weisgerber appeared in several series subsequently.

Since then, his journey of entertainment started, and he started working in independent films and scripted TV series.

How Much is George Weisgerber Worth?

The winner of the VH1 reality show and I Love You New York 2, and also the founder of Local Angel NYC, has got a net worth of $1.1 million.

How Does His Net Worth Reach?

In January 2019, one of the social sites estimated that George Weisgerber lll has a net worth of $14 million, which was just a rumor.

As knowing the truth and suspecting is not the same always, the research shows that Weisgerber’s net worth is a mere $1.1 million.

His media career started in 2007 by appearing on-screen with VH1. He runs his organization Local Angel NYC and also serves for New York’s Assembly District and Mount Sinai Health System. 

His Social Media Presence

You can get to know more and come in touch with him through social media.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website

Personal Life

We have seen on screen in the reality TV show “I Love New York 2”, Tailor Made starring at Tiffany. But, this relationship didn’t work out off-screen.

For the last three years, he is living with his girlfriend.

Weisgerber’s daughter has completed graduation in 2017 and working as a Consultant for a renowned  Accounting firm .


Is George Weisgerber has married for the second time?

Weisgerber is not married again yet. But he has announced to be dating his girlfriend for the last three years. 

Is Tailor Made still with “I Love New York”?

Though previously VH1 denied the fact, now it confirms that Tailor Made and I Love New York have split.

Does Tailor Made have a child?

Yes, Tailor Made has a daughter of 12 years old. It is hinted that he has got this from his previous relationship. 

Why didn’t Tailor Made and Tiffany Pollard didn’t work out?

Unfortunately, both Tailor Made and Tiffany Pollard didn’t have enough mutual interests outside of I Love New York. So, they had a breakup.

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