Ice-T Net Worth

He is famous for his rap-songs on violence and street life. With a variety of career-life, he has been always criticized. Ice-T, whose real name is Tracy Lauren Marrow, is an American singer, rapper, musician, songwriter, record producer, actor, and author.

There is no wonder that this rapping actor earned a huge amount throughout his career. Records say that Ice T net worth is about $60 million. Let’s now find out all about how he has come so far-

Basic Information

Real Name Tracy Lauren Marrow
Nickname Ice-T
Birthplace Newark, New Jersey
Age 62
Occupation Singer, Rapper, Musician, Songwriter, Recorder
Net Worth $60 million
Nationality American
Relationship Status Married

Early Life

The son of Alice Marrow and Solomon, Tracy Lauren Marrow was born in Newark, New Jersey, in 1958. He lost his mother when Lauren was in third grade and his father at the age of thirteen.

Following these incidents, he moved to Los Angeles to live with one of his aunts. At this period, unfortunately, he got involved with inner-city crime and hustling.

But, all turned well when he became a spokesman against gang-violence through rapping and singing.

In 1977 Tracy joined the Army of United States. During the short period in the Army, he discovered interest specifically in hip hop music.

Schoolly D and Iceberg Slim were his most influencers.

Career Beginning and Breakthrough

Marrow decided to adopt his stage name “Ice-T” as a tribute to his inspiration Iceberg Slim. Though as an underground rapper his music career started in the 1980s, professionally his career started when he released his first single, “Cold Wind Madness” from Saturn Records in 1982.

Following to this till the present day, he has been presenting one after other successful albums. We can see his appearance simultaneously in the television and film sector.

Ice-T was featured to a large extent role in “Breakin’ ‘n’ Enterin'” from 1983, which was his first film ever.

He went on board a serious career line of acting which brought out different significant characters.

Did you know that, Ice-T voiced in several video games such as Grand Theft Auto, Aiken’s Artifact, Fight for NY, Tapout, Gears of War 3, and Borderlands 3.

How Much is Ice-T Worth?

Ice-T’s net worth is $60 Million.

How Does His Net Worth Reach?

In 2020, the net worth of Ice T is $60 million. This Grammy Award-winning artist has earned a huge amount from selling albums.

Moreover, we’ve seen him in as an accomplished actor. For per episode of the drama TV series “Law & Order”: SVU, he earned $250,000.

Income Per Session

Session Income
Per Second $0.21
Per Minute $12.68
Per Hour $761.04
Per Day $18,264.84
Per Week $128,205.13
Per Month $555,555.56
Per Year $6.67 Million

His Social Media Performance

This versatile actor is always in touch with his fans through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website| Wikipedia|

Personal Life

Before appearing in the world of rap music, Ice-T was involved in several crimes. This ex-criminal brings on in his singing that entire he has experienced in the past- robbery, pins, murder, gangs, hustlers, and prison.

Marrow has a daughter, LeTesha Marrow, with his high school girlfriend Adrienne in 1976. But, they continued with their study in high school while raising her.

Later on, Marrow got involved in another relationship with Darlene Ortiz. He has a son with her in 1992 named Tracy Marrow, Jr.

 Finally, he married Coco Austin, the swimsuit model in 2002. From this marriage, Marrow has another daughter named Chanel.


How old is Ice-T?

–  As born in 1958, he is now on 62.

Who is Ice-T’s wife?

 The beautiful model Coco Austin is Ice-T’s wife.

Where does Ice-T live now?

–  Currently he resides with his wife Coco Austin in North Bergen, New Jersey.

Where did Ice T grow up?

–  Ice T spent his childhood in Los Angeles.

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