Ish Jimenez Net Worth

You may know him from the show “Pimp my Ride” and West Coast Customs”. Despite being a celebrity, he is a down-to-earth person with a lot of passion for his crafts and cars. Ish Jimenez has achieved a lot and his net worth is $11 million. Catch him here to know how he made so far-

Ish Jimenez is from Long Beach, California and currently living in Los Angeles, USA. He started Jefferson High School at Lafayette, Indiana. Besides English, he also knows the Spanish language. Throughout his life, he has been influenced by Bill Gates, Jack Welch, and Richard Branson.

Ish was grown up in the low rider city and he loves lowriders. He is also a big fan of Mark Wahlberg as well as his movies. Since his age of 12, Jimenez has been working in the auto upholstery sector. With a charismatic personality, eyes full of dreams, and great skill, he brought on a whole new appreciating concept to the world.

Career Beginning & Breakthrough

The story began at the period when the auto upholstery industry was spending time doing nothing. With the vast majority of older clients, car interiors and auto crafting was something afterthought.

Ish Jimenez was one of the young people learning the car craft. This young man came from nowhere and showed the world the wildest way of customizing car interiors. He started the craft back in 1983 and 84 when he was 11 or 12. He worked for his uncle’s upholstery and learned the trade there.

How does his net worth reach?

By then in South Central of Los Angeles, growing up as a Mexican boy had only one option; joining the gang. Ish also joined the gang when he was 12 and got into some troubles which followed by putting him on probation. In that period, his mother dropped him off his uncle’s upholstery on Vermont and Florence Avenue of South Central Los Angeles.

In 1994 he opened his own shop when he was 20 years old in South Central. He was doing great, but due to being involved in some street mess-ups, this creative soul had to shut the shop down. As time passed by, Jimenez was involved with West Coast Customs, where he accomplished countless amazing projects. Today, with serious skills and hard work, this charismatic personality has reached a net worth of $11 million.

His Social Presence

Get into touch with this extremely creative person through social media-

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Personal Life

This master trimmer and Pimp My Ride’s former star has got four kids from his first marriage. And, from his second marriage, Ish has a little daughter.


What does Ish Kimenez do now?

In North Hollywood California, he now runs his own auto upholstery company- Royal Auto Designs.

Why did Ish Jimenez leave West Coast Customs?

To launch Ish’s own shop, he needed to leave West Coast Customs.

Is Ish Jimenez still with West Coast Customs?

As there is no friendly relationship between Ish and the CEO, he is no more with West Coast Customs.

What was the name of Ish Jimneze’s first shop?

This shop had never got a name, but Ish was popular with the name- “Little Homie” in those days.

How many days did Ish work with his uncle?

For almost 3 years, Ish worked for his uncle’s upholstery. And another 2 and a half years took to understand the trade.

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