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Juju and Des Net Worth, Height, Weight, Pranks, Plastic Surgery, House

How Much are Juju and Des’s Net Worth?

As of 2021, their net worth is estimated to be $500000. This is primarily earned through their YouTube channel, which they operate together. The channel has over two million subscribers and features a variety of content, including vlogs, challenges, and reactions.

While most of their income comes from YouTube, Juju and Des also earn money through other platforms and ventures. For example, they have a thriving merchandise line jujuanddes, that features a range of items, including clothing and accessories. They also occasionally take on sponsored work, which can pay quite well.

Juju and Des are very savvy when it comes to their finances. They have built up a sizeable nest egg and are on track to becoming millionaires. Their wealth will continue to grow in the years to come.

How Much is Juju And Des Height?

Juju and Des are two American YouTubers known for their great heights. Juju is 5’7”/1.7m and Des is 5’4”/1.6m.

Both of them have been successful in their YouTube careers and have a lot of fans who love their videos. Their heights have helped them in their careers, as they can reach things that others can’t and make themselves look taller in videos.

However, their heights can also be a bit of a disadvantage, as they can’t always fit into small spaces, and they sometimes have to duck when they walk through doorways. Despite this, their fans love them no matter what and continue supporting them.

Their heights are just one of the many things that make them unique and special.

How Much is Juju And Des Weight?

Des and Juju are two popular YouTubers known for their hilarious vlogs and unapologetic attitude. But lately, the internet is abuzz with speculation about their weight. Juju’s weight is 63 kg, and Des’s weight is 50 Kg.

Some believe that the duo may have lost a significant amount of weight, while others think they may have gained weight. However, the pair hasn’t addressed the rumors.

But that hasn’t stopped people from speculating. Some believe the weight loss is due to the stress of their recent move from California to New York. Others think that they may be on a new diet or exercise regimen.

Whatever the case, one thing is sure: Des and Juju are still the same funny, relatable YouTubers we all know and love. They’re happy and healthy, no matter their size.

Juju And Des Pranks on Each Other:

Juju and Des have become well-known for their hilarious pranks. The duo often work together to devise creative ways to prank each other and their family and friends.

One of their most popular pranks is the “SLAMMING THE BRAKES” prank, in which Juju suddenly breaks his car while Des tries to drink some water and get wet. They have also been known to prank each other with let’s “do it” right now, let’s make a “tape,” hickey prank, my water broke prank, and many more.

While some people may find their pranks to be annoying, there is no denying that Juju and Des are hilarious. Their tricks are always creative and well-thought-out, and they always have a good time doing them.

Juju And Des’s Plastic Surgery:

Des is a YouTuber who is known for her plastic surgery. She is open about her surgeries and has even made videos about them.

Des says she got breast augmentation surgery because she was young and wanted to do it. She is happy with the results of her surgeries and says that this has helped her feel more confident.

She also stated that most of her other body parts are genuine, nothing unnatural has been done with them, and everything is natural. While some people may be critical of Des’s decision to get surgery, she is happy with how she looks now and feels it was the right decision for her.

Juju And Des’s House:

Juju and Des released a video about their new house, located in Arizona. The video gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at the couple’s life and abode.

The couple gives a tour of the backyard with a pool, a hot tub, and a fire pit. Juju and Des say they are excited to spend time outdoors and entertain guests in their new home.

The video ends with the couple thanking their supporters and saying they feel fortunate. Juju and Des’s new house is gorgeous, and it is clear that they are pleased with their new digs.


How Old is Juju And Des?

– Juju And Des’s ages are 25 and 27 respectively.

What are Juju And Des’s Real Names?

-Juju and Des’s real name is Julius Brown and Destiny Rodriguez respectively.

Juju And Des’s Youtube Channel:

-As Juju and Des are famous YouTubers and social personalities, they have their Youtube channel named JuJu & Des which has over 1.4 million subscribers. You can check out their YouTube channel here.

Who are Juju And Des’s Mom?

-There is no available information about JuJu and Des’s mom.

Are Juju And Des Engaged?

-Yes, they engaged in April of 2021 and got married, and have a baby boy named Koa Kai Brown. Koa Kai Brown was born on October 4, 2021, at 11:48 am with a weight of 6 pounds 4 ounces.

How Did Juju And Des Brother Died?

His brother died in a car accident where his bike was slammed by a drunken women’s car.

What are Juju And Des’s Ethnicity?

Juju or Julius Brown is a multi-racial and Des or Destiny Rodriguez is a Caucasian.

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