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Who is Julius Dein?

Julius Dein is a famous British prankster, magician, and illusionist, who performed magical tricks before his audiences and posted his videos performing magic tricks and uploads on social media.

He is best known for combining comedy and magic in his routine. He is one of the most respected and recognized people in the magic field.

How Much is Julius Dein’s Net Worth?

Julius’s net worth is estimated to be $2.47 million. His net worth comes from his performance on various occasions; Award ceremonies, celebrity birthday parties, corporate events, children’s orphanages, and appearances on several radios and TV shows.

In addition, he also earned money from his tours. He has completed his performance in more than 50 countries globally and has attended more than 1000 events.

This tour helps him to increase his worth. Moreover, he also uploads his magical videos on YouTube and other social media. From this, he also earns a significant amount of money.

Some sources also said his net worth could be higher as he didn’t give any statement about his net worth.

However, it can be much higher as the experts are assuming a rough figure about his net worth, which can be lesser than his actual amount.

He also earns money from his sponsorship and product promotions for various companies.

Magician Julius Dein’s Biography:

Julius was born and raised in London, UK. He started his career as a magician at 9. He got his interest in magic when his grandfather took him to a magic show.

From then, he hooked up with magic and got his first-ever job at a magic stall in Camden, London, where he performed magic to passers-by.

At his University, Kings College, London, he started to perform on different occasions; from then, he started gaining popularity.

He made his passion for his profession, and his profession became his lifestyle. He moved to Los Angeles, USA, after his study placement at UCLA.

His fame also spread across the elite market of Hollywood and began to be booked for celebrity and billionaire birthday parties.

He faces many difficulties in his studies for his mother’s distress, but he completes his studies and obtains his degree.

After realizing his vast market on the internet, he releases his videos on the internet to showcase his talent. He uploads his videos on YouTube, which are the performance he shows on the street. He uploaded over 100 videos on YouTube with little success.

But one of his videos has gone viral and amassed a vast dedicated fan base, including some of the biggest celebrities on the planet who watch Julius’s video regularly. Now he has over 22 million followers from all over the world.

Besides this, he regularly travels to different locations internationally to meet his fans and shows his performance among them in person.

He performs all over the world, from the glamorous venues of Mont Carlo to the slums of Johannesburg, South Africa.

He also appears on many most prominent national and international press outlets. From The Forbs to The Fox News Agency and also attended Web Summit’s main Arena Stage, this got more than 12,000 live views.

Julius’s journey from street magician to the biggest name in the world’s magician society in the worlds results from hard work and dedication to the work he loves to do.

His hard work earns him positive feedback from the hard nerd critics, and he becomes a famous magician among fans who see his performance daily.

Julius Dein’s Wife-to-be Girlfriend:

As per available data, he is not married but dating his girlfriends, and his recent wife-to-be girlfriend’s name is Estelle Berglin. But what happened between Julius Dein And Estelle?

These two love bird has been dating since 2019. They are very vocal about their relationship and regularly share their couple’s activities on their social handles.

For example, in a video shared by Julius, it is seen that Julius was doing some trick with his girlfriend. But in 2021, they didn’t post any pictures, not even a single one together.

This raised some speculation among people following him and raised the question of whether they were still together.

Some experts suggest they have spent the quarantine time together and are still very much committed to each other. 

 But other experts have a different say on it. They said that it is not confirmed that the two are still together because they have shared their couple photos and activities regularly on their social handles in their early relationship times. Still, at present, they are not sharing any.

Whatever the situation, as they have not confirmed their split, we can assume they are still together. Some obvious reasons are that they have not shared their activities on their social media handles.

Julius Dein And Amber Doig Throne Relationships:

Julius dated her ex-girlfriend Amber Doig Throne for some time. But their relationship was not going well and did not last for long.

As a result, the two called off their relationship. Some sources said they have dated for one year, and after calling off their relationship, they remain friends. Amber and Julius did not share their romantic relationship in public.

Amber is a British actress, and she is known for her appearance in the films “Fanged Up” and “The Seven.” Julius has also dated his ex-girlfriend Madison Willow.

Julius featured her in his many videos. Unfortunately, the two called it a day as Madison had to return to the USA for her family reason.

Julius Dein’s Magic Tricks:

Julius’s magic is straightforward and fun-going. He performs fundamental magic tricks. He performs his simple magic trick by adding some extra fun and a bit of illusion.

His magic trick can be decoded by looking at it closely or in slow motion. People who are good and clever and have an inventive mind can figure out all the tricks performed by him or any other magician claim to be.

Julius also offers a course on his website to learn magic tricks.

Some people said Julius Dein Fake his magic and made them are true, but Julius never claimed that his magic was real; instead, those were magical tricks he performed with adding some fun to make people happy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Julius Dein a Real Magician?

– No, He is not. Julius Dein is a famous English street magician and illusionist who use simple and funny tricks to entertain people.

How Old is Julius Dein Age?

– Julius Dein’s age is 28 years. He was born in London, England, on 23 April 1994.

Is Julius Dein Single?

– According to available data, he is still committed to his girlfriend.

What is Julius Dein’s Girlfriend’s Name?

– His girlfriend name is Estelle Berglin.

Who is Julius Dein’s Sister?

– His sister name is Tara Dein.

Are Julius Dein And Estelle Still Together?

– Yeah they are still dating and still together.

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