Keesha Kaylee Net Worth, Height, Weight, Age, Biography

How Much is Keesha Kaylee’s Net Worth?

Keesha Anderson or better known as Keesha Kaylee is a Famous YouTuber and beauty makeup guru. She uploads her makeup video and earns from it. She also earns as a high-paid makeup guru. It is estimated that this famous YouTuber has an approximate net worth of $1.5 million. 

How Tall is Keesha Kaylee?

Keesha Kaylee or the famous beauty guru YouTuber has a decent height. She is 5 ft 6 inch/170cm/1.71 m tall.

How Much is Keesha Kaylee’s Weight?

She did not disclose any information about his Weight. but she has a good weight-to-body ratio.

How Old is Keesha Kaylee?

She was born in  Atlanta, Georgia, United States on November 7, 1993. As of 2022, She is 28 years old.

Keesha Kaylee Got Lengths:

Keesha Kaylee’s hair company name is Got Lengths. This is the company that provides hair specialty services for its customers. to know more visit gotlengths. You also follow the Got Lengths Instagram account here.

Keesha Anderson Lipstick Alley:

Keesha Anderson or better known as Keesha Kaylee is a topic of discussion among her followers on Lipstick Alley. You can find a discussion thread about her in lipstick alley here.

Keesha Kaylee Book:

Besides his beauty makeup works, she also wrote many books. Her books cover various topics. You can buy them from her official Shopify site here. She made a video review of her books. See it here.

Keesha Anderson New House:

They bought a new house them. The new house is located in Atlanta, USA. the address of their house is  3464 Roxboro NE Rd, UNIT 1702, Atlanta.

Keesha Kaylee Biography:

Keesha Kaylee was born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA November 7, 1993. At the very beginning of her carrier, she works as a competitive cheerleader and served as a captain for her school’s varsity cheerleading squad.

She was selected as the best personality in her high school and in the National American Miss GA pageant of 2010. She completed her Graduation in 2016 from Spelman College.

She becomes a famous YouTuber and earns immense fame for uploading beauty and makeup-related videos. she also gives consultancy services about makeup to her customers. She is also famous on Instagram for her Stunning Photograph. She also has a hair service Company.

Her hair service company name is Got Lengths. With this company, she gives many hair-related services to look his customer beautiful and relevant looks for different occasions.

She has a relationship with Jeremy Postell. With her Boyfriend Jeremy Postell, she has three daughters. With her fame, she has some controversies. People signed a petition for shutting down her YouTube channel. they complain that she suffers from a mental disorder and refuses to get help for her problem.

Moreover, she uploads videos five times a week. She neglected her children by every means to upload her videos. Fans of her also mentioned that she presents herself as a narcist. She also lied in her books. In addition, she also pays criminals to harass people.

Keesha Kaylee Instagram Account:

Follow her on Instagram here.

Keesha Kaylee YouTube Channel:

Follow her on YouTube here.

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