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Keith Hernandez Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Children, Hall of Fame, Bio

Who is Keith Hernandez?

Keith is an American former Major League Baseball first baseman player. He has played with New York Mets and St. Louis Cardinals teams.

He also played with Cleveland Indians. He retired from his professional baseball career in 1990. He is a five-time All-Star and won the 1979 NL MVP award.

He also works as a New York Mets commentator for New York-based sports channel SNY Television.

How Much is Keith Hernandez’s Net Worth?

Keith’s net worth is approximately $16 million. He made this money with his career in renowned baseball teams, including the New York Mets, St. Louis Cardinals, and Cleveland Indians.

With these teams, he has earned a handsome salary and gained his worth. He also earned money from his successful career in Broadcasting.

He works as a broadcasting commentator and analyst for baseball games. In addition, he has signed a deal with sports channel SNY to work as a broadcaster for them with a totaling of $2.5 million contract prices.

And this also gives a boost to his net worth. As he continues with his broadcasting career, it is expected that his net worth will surely increase in the coming days.

Keith Hernandez’s Biography:

Hernandez grew up in Millbrae and Pacifica, California and born in San Francisco, California, on October 20 1953.

In his early days, he attended Terra Nova High School in Pacifica before transferring to Capuchino High school in San Bruno of San Mateo, California.

He completed his high school graduation here in 1971 as a star athlete. One of his teammates from Terra Nova High School was future major league pitcher Bob McClure, and he played Little League baseball with him.

Hernandez was considered an attitude boy as he sat out his entire high school season because of a dispute with one of his coaches.

He also has drafted as the 783rd player selected in the 1971 Major League Baseball Draft. He played for a short period for a local community college named the College of San Mateo.

As played as a left-hander and batted ad threw left-handed through most of his career. In St. Louis Cardinals, he played in the minor league, maintained a batting average of .250, and was promoted to Tulsa Oilers in 1973’s second-half season.

In the following season, as his percentage batting average increased to .350, he got promoted to the big league club. 

He made his debut in the big league in Candlestick Park against the San Francisco Giants on August 30, 1974. In Cardinals, he wore 18 numbers uniform for the first two years of his career and opted to number 37 in 1976.

In 1979 Keith and Willie Stargell shared the National League’s Most Valuable Player Award.

After many disagreements with Cardinal management’s manager Whitey Herzog, Hernandez was traded to the New York Mets on June 15, 1983.

In Mets, he played with number 17 as they retired the 37 number for their former manager Casey Stengel, and Keith wore this number till the end of his career.

During his stays with the Mets, he scored second in NL Most Valuable Player voting. He also emerged as the Captain of the Mets’ young core of ball players with Rookie of the Year 1983 and 1984, Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden, respectively.

In Mets, he is also part of the win of the 1986 world Series and batted .231, recording the second out in the legendary tenth inning of Game 6. He became the first team captain in franchise history in 1987.

Keith is also featured heavily in the book “Wait Till Next Year” by William Goldman and Mike Lupica. In the year 1988, Hernandez won his 11th and final Gold Glove.

In 1989 Mets, his batting average fell to .233 in only 75 games, and the Mets decided not to extend their deal with Keith at the close of the 1989 season when their contract with Keith ran out.

After his contract with the Mets ended, Keith signed with Cleveland Indians for the season of 1990. Unfortunately, he was injured most of the time and appeared in only 43 games with a batting average of .200. After the season, he retired from the professional baseball team. In his retired time, Keith has written Five books.

Here is the Keith Hernandez’s Books List:

  1. “If at First: A Season With the Mets.”
  2. “Pure Baseball: Pitch by Pitch for the Advanced Fan (a detailed player’s look into baseball strategy).”
  3. “Shea Good-Bye: The Untold Inside Story of the Historic 2008 Season.”
  4. “Murder at Shea: A Baseball Murder Mystery for Kids (a young-adult novel about a fictional Met solving a murder).”   
  5. “I’m Keith Hernandez.”

Keith also appears in many films and TV Shows.

Here is the list of Keith Hernandez’s Movies & TV Shows:

  1. “The Boyfriend.”; a two-part sitcom named Seinfeld.
  2. “Sesame Street.”
  3. “Law & Order.”
  4. “The Scout.”
  5. “The Yards.”
  6. “Ghostwriter.”

Besides his movies and TV appearance, he also has some commercial appearances:

  1. “Just for Men.”
  2. Television commercials for the Coin Galleries of Oyster Bay. Where he says, “where you can turn your pot of gold into cash.”

Apart from his different activities after his retirement, his most notable thing is that he took Broadcasting as his full-time job.

He works as Sports Analyst. As part of the SNY Mets broadcast team and won the award named “Live Sports Event: Series 2009 Mets: The Inaugural Year of Citi Field.”

IN 2017 he worked as a studio analyst for MLB on Fox. he also signed a three years contract with SNY’s Mets games to continue as an analyst for them for about $2.5 million.

Apart from his sports career, he is also a politically aware person. In an interview, he says he is a fan of President Donald Trump and has donated thousands of dollars to GOP candidates.

He also shared a photograph of lawyer and conspiracy theorist Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s anti-vaccine book, “The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health”, on his Twitter account with the caption, “Just released.”

On November 19, 2021. And this tweet was criticized by users and many followers, who asked him to delete the post.

What Happened to Keith Hernandez?

Keith was working as SNY’s Broadcasting Commentator and got an injury and will miss the rest of the regular season of the baseball tournament.

 – Keith Hernandez’s Injury:

was unexpected for his followers and the SNY TV broadcasting company. Keith Hernandez’s injury occurred when he walked on the city street of Manhattan and stepped on a curb. When He stepped on the carb, he tripped and fell directly on his shoulder to protect his mobile and glass.

 – Keith Hernandez’s Surgery:

As he tripped and fell, he received a wild injury and suffered a complete tear of a tendon in his shoulder. For this, he has to go under surgery. Surgery happened in the last week of September 2022 to solve his injury, and he had to stay out of the tournament for the rest of the season.

Keith Hernandez’s Family:

Keith is a Californian, but many people wrongly assume he is of Mexican descent and nicknamed das “Mex” by his teammates. Keith has mixed ancestry, from his father, he is Castilian Spanish, and from his mother, he is Scots-Irish.

He has an elder brother named Gary. Gary has played college baseball at the California Golden Bears baseball team from the University of California, Berkeley. Gary also played four seasons of minor league baseball.

Keith married his first wife, Sue Broecker, in 1979 and has three daughters. After they divorced in 1983, he married his second wife, Kai Thompson, in 2005. They also separated in February of 2011.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Old is Keith Hernandez?

  – He is 68 years old and was born on October 20, 1953.

Is Keith Hernandez Still Married?

  – Yes He is. He had married twice in his life but separated from them, and now he lives as a single man and enjoys his life.

Who is Keith Hernandez’s Wife?

  – He had married twice. His first wife’s name is Sue Broecker, and his second wife is Kai Thompson.

Who are Keith Hernandez’s Children?

  – He has three daughters with his first wife, Sue Broecker. But there is no details information available about his daughters.

How Much is Keith Hernandez’s Salary?

  – His salary totaled $2.5 million. He has signed a new contract with SNY Booth for three Years with $2.4 million. He expects to call 110 games and earn between $800 thousand to $900 thousand; his salary will total $2.5 million.

Is Keith Hernandez in The Hall of Fame?

  – Yes, he is. He was inducted into the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame and New York Mets Hall of Fame.

Where is Keith Hernandez Now?

  – He lives in a tasteful four-bedroom home in a quiet cul-de-sac in Southampton, NY, USA. His house is near to the ocean.

Is Keith Hernandez Gay?

  – No, He is not.

Is Keith Hernandez Smoking?

  – Yes, he was. He was smoking two full packs of cigarettes in the dugout containing 40 cigs. But he quit smoking in 1994 and says it’s the best thing he has ever done.    

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