Kid Rock Net Worth

Robert James Ritchie, also known as Kid Rock, is an American singer-songwriter, music producer, actor, and multi-instrumentalist. Whose Net Worth is $100 Million. 

Further, he shot into fame with his albums ‘The Polyfuze Method’ and ‘Devil Without a Cause.’ He has successfully blended several styles of music, such as hip-hop, country rock, rap-rock, and heavy metal.

Basic Information

Real Name Robert James Ritchie, Sr.
Nickname Kid Rock
Birthplace Romeo, Michigan
Birthday January 17
Age 49
Occupation Musician, Rapper, Singer-Songwriter, Music producer
Net Worth $100 Million
Nationality American
Relationship Status Single

Who is Kid Rock?

He was born in Romeo, Michigan, on January 7th, 1971. The son of a car dealership owner, he had a comfortable childhood growing up in an estate.

He married Pamela Anderson in 2006, but their marriage lasted only four months. He has a son Robert James Ritchie Jr., with his former girlfriend, Kelley South Russell.

How Does Kid Rock Net Worth Reach?

As far of 2020, Kid Rock’s net worth is $100 million.

Kid Rock gets most of his income from his album sales and live shows. His stint as a record producer also earns him a fair bit of money.

Kid Rock has accumulated a vast amount of wealth thanks to his music career, his live shows, and his music producing job. Currently, he earns

Session Income
Per Second $0.41
Per Minute $24.86
Per Hour $1,491.63
Per Day $35,799
Per Week $251,282
Per Month $1.09
Per Year $13.07


Kid Rock shot into stardom with his 1993 album ‘The Polyfuze Method’, which became a huge success. From here, he went on releasing albums and going on tours that further increased his popularity and turned him into a household name.

Kid Rock started off his career with his first album ‘Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast,’ which was released in 1990. He released his second album in 1993, titled ‘The Polyfuze Method’. The same year, he released an EP know as ‘Fire It Up’, which saw him making forays into country music, with tracks like ‘I Am the Bulldog.’

In 2001 he signed up with Atlantic Records to release ‘Cocky,’ which became a hugely successful album, selling millions of copies in the USA alone. He went to release further albums, always showcasing his willingness to try new things.

Social Media Life

Kid Rock has social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Follow him on Twitter @KidRock, Instagram @kidrock, and on Facebook as Kid Rock.

Now His Life

Kid Rock is currently 49 years old and resides in Nashville. He remains a controversial and polarizing figure. In March 2020, Kid Rock released a hip-hop song titled “Quarantine.”


Is Kid Rock married?

Kid Rock is currently not married, but he’s engaged to his girlfriend, Audrey Berry.

Does Kid Rock have children?

He has a song called Robert James Ritchie, Jr.

Who is Kid Rock’s daddy?

Kid Rock’s father is William Bill Ritchie.

Bottom Line

Kid Rock has come a long way from being a small-town boy to playing in front of the President. He is expected to entertain us with his music in the years to come.

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