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Larry June Net Worth, Height, Age, Quotes, Songs, Mustang, Tattoos

Who is Larry June?

June is an American rapper born in the neighborhood of Bay View Hunters Point in San Francisco, California.

He was born to his teenage parents. He was known for his Extended Plays (EPs) Larry and Orange Season.

He released many other songs and toured with many famous musicians and rappers; Berner, Curren$y, Cousin Stizz, and Post Malone. He has signed with Warner Records and is now an independent artist.

How Much is Larry June’s Net Worth?

June’s net worth is approximately $2.3 million. His net worth is the result of his success as a rapper in the music industry.

His earnings are mainly from his popular music releases and extensive tours across the USA. He also had made money from his sign with label company Warner Record before becoming an independent artist.

With all his work in the music industry, his earnings have reached this high, which will increase with his journey in the coming years.

Top 30 Larry June’s Quotes:

Besides his songs, he also expresses his thoughts on different topics. His quotes are pretty inspiring to others and show his intelligence.

Some of his quotes are:

  1. “Can’t be afraid to grow.”
  2. “Have a little fun, but it’s more bags to get my nig.”
  3. “At the end of the day we all human.”
  4. “You ain’t gotta like it… but you hater if you don’t respect it.”
  5. “Don’t worry about what I’m doing love… worry bout the trick.”
  6. “Just create….”
  7. “If you wake on that bs… expect your day to be on that bs…”
  8. “If you not focusing on growth don’t expect to grow…. Nobody gonna do it for you.”
  9. “Ima always find a way… expensive hand sanitizer and shit , sum slight.”
  10. “Right now is the best time to adjust to the game… Things changing.”
  11. “Embrace the hard times…. Use it as fuel to go harder.”
  12. “Make sure you putting in some work everyday, even if it’s small.”
  13. “Don’t check me mayne.”
  14. “I been embracing all the wisdom I’ve gained over the years lately… growth not always about how much money you made.”
  15. “Remember those who never changed on you.”
  16. “It’s always room for growth.”
  17. “Have a little fun, but keep your eyes on the prize.”
  18. “Entitlement is hilarious. My nig, get up and get to the bag, nobody owe you shit.”
  19. “To live like this, you have to take l’s, and you have to fall off, you have to bounce back.”
  20. “i might take another l. I ain’t been the same.”
  21. “i could have got a job, but instead, i chose the fast lane.”
  22. “i got a lot of shit on my plate, but maintain.”
  23. “man up, had to leave it in the past.”
  24. “i ain’t trying to hold nobody back, and i have my stuff.”
  25. “i use my brain, never hands.”
  26. “the main thing is consistency.”
  27. “and if you knew better, you’d do better.”
  28. “all my good friends’ businessmen.”
  29. “i never go broke because i got more than three ways.”

Best Larry June’s Songs:

As a famous artist, he has many popular songs.

Here some of his songs are:

– “In My Pockets.”

– “I’m Him.”

– “Private Valet.”

– “Still Boomin.”

– “Another Day, Pt. 2.”

– “Spaceships & Orange Juice.”

– “Brand New Machinery.”

– “Corte Madera, CA.”

– “Extra of Um.”

– “Don’t Check Me.”

– “I’ll Make Time.”

– “Breakfast in Monaco.”

– “Appreciate it All.”

– “For Tonight.”

– “Organic Adjustments.”

– “5.0 Chronicles.”

– “Larry’s Diner.”

– “Things You Do.”

– “Tools of the Game.”

– “From Uncle Herm, Pt. 4.”

– “Gas Station Run.”

– “Don’t Try It.”

– “Friday Activities.”

– “Intercepted.”

– “Early Bird.”

– “Dear, Snow.”

– “Either Way.”

– “6am In Sausalito.”

– “Wait On Me.”

– “Friday Activities.”

Most Popular Larry June’s Albums:

From his beginnings to the present, Larry has released many Albums in different formats.

Some of his studio albums are:

– “Sock It to Me, Pt. 2 (July 2, 2018).”

– “Very Peaceful (November 29, 2018).”

– “Early Bird (February 15, 2019).”

– “The Port of San Francisco (April 10, 2019).”

– “Mr. Midnight (June 29, 2019).”

– “Out the Trunk (September 5, 2019).”

– “Product of the Dope Game (November 9, 2019).”

-“Adjust to the Game (March 4, 2020).”

– “Orange Print (June 11, 2021).”

– “Spaceships on the Blade (August 19, 2022).”

His collaborative albums are:

– “Game Related (January 27, 2020).”

– “Cruise USA (May 7, 2020).”

– “Keep Going (October 2, 2020).”

– “Into The Late Night (ITLN) (September 24, 2021.)”

– “2 P’z In A Pod (March 25, 2022.)”

Some of his Extended plays (EPs) are:

– ” Larry (June 17, 2016).”

– “Orange Season (August 5, 2016).”

– “Larry Two (February 10, 2017).”

– “Cooks & Orange Juice (October 27, 2020).”

Some of his Mixtapes are:

– “#GoodJobLarry (September 10, 2015).”

– “Sock It to Me (January 2, 2016).”

– “4 Deep No Sleep (April 19, 2017).”

– “Trap Larry (May 16, 2019).”

– “Numbers (December 23, 2020).”

As a Lead artist, he also released some singles. Some of his singles are:

– “3rd Girl (2016).”

– “Love Jones (2016).”

– “The Scale (2017).”

He also has guest appearances on other artists’ albums. Some of his Guest appearances are:

– “Never Understand (2016) with Post Malone.”

– “Survivor Series 95 (2021) with Westside Gunn, Jay Worthy, TF .”

– “One of Us (2022) with Joey Badass.”

Larry June’s Mustang | His Favorite Car:

Larry’s favorite car is Mustang. This car was built by the talented team of Detroit Speed.

He also releases a song on Mustang. The song is under the Mr. Midnight album and was released on 29 June 2019.

Larry June’s Corvette Car:

Apart from his Mustang, he also has a Corvette in his garage. He also wrote a song, “Sausalito,” where he also talked about his Corvette.

The Sausalito song was released under the album “Very Peachful,” and it was released in 2018. The part of the lyrics of the song where he talked about his Corvette is:

“And make some more tomorrow

Corvette, never drive it

Left it parked in Vallejo

Tuck spot in San Mateo…”

Larry June’s Tattoos On His Body:

As a tattoo lover, he loves to tattoo his body. So he has many tattoos on his body. On his back, he has pretty impressive black and grey religious-themed tattoos. He also has tattoos on his neck.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Old is Larry June?

– Larry June’s age is 31 years. He was born on 8 April 1991.

How Tall is Larry June?

– Larry June’s height is 5’11’’/ 1.5 m.

Where is Larry June From?

– Larry is from San Francisco, California, USA.

Larry June’s Numbers Album:

– It is a music album released by Larry June. This album was released on 23 December 2020. During the COVID-19 pandemic, He recorded the album numbers in his home studio and his other six projects.

Who is Larry June’s Girlfriend?

– He is tight-lipped about his relationship. He’s in a relationship with a girl named Khelani.

What is Larry June’s Real Name?

– Larry’s real name is Larry Eugene Hendricks III.

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