LaTangela Newsome Net Worth, Grease Bags, Shark Tank, Bio

How Much is LaTangela Newsome’s Net Worth?

Her net worth is approximately $15 Million. She earns her money from his acting and singing career.


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LaTangela Newsome Grease Bags:

LaTangela Newsome presents a new type of product called grease bag in the 811number episode of Shark Tank. She invented this bag after facing difficulties with disposing of grease while making her famed deep-fried chicken wings.

She makes a deal with a bacon-obsessed Barbara Corcoran and gives them a 50% share of her company for the bag on the condition that they have to sell the bag for $6.99 per pack.

What is Grease Bag?

A grease bag is a small, usually disposable bag made of thin plastic or paper. It is used to collect and dispose of used cooking oil and grease. Grease bags are an easy and effective way to dispose of cooking oil and grease.

They are often used in restaurants and commercial kitchens, but can also be used at home. Grease bags are typically placed under the sink or in the garbage can. When they are full, they can be sealed and thrown away.

Some communities have special programs for disposing of used cooking oil and grease. In these programs, the bags are collected and taken to a facility where they are recycled or disposed of properly.

Grease bags are a convenient and safe way to dispose of cooking oil and grease. They help to keep our environment clean and protect our sewer systems from damage. 

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LaTangela Newsome Shark Tank:

LaTangela Newsome was a contestant on season 5 of the reality TV show Shark Tank. She is the founder of the company Angel’s Share, which makes a line of all-natural, alcohol-free spirits.

Newsome’s products are made from fruit and vegetable juices, and they are said to have health benefits such as being rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Newsome’s products were well-received by the Sharks, and she ultimately struck a deal with Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran.

Cuban and Corcoran each invested $500,000 for a 20% stake in Angel’s Share. Since appearing on Shark Tank, Newsome has continued to grow her business.

Angel’s Share is now available in over 200 stores across the United States, and the company has plans to expand internationally. Newsome has also been working on developing new products, and she recently launched a line of non-alcoholic wine coolers.

LaTangela Newsome is a prime example of how appearing on Shark Tank can be a game-changer for a small business. Thanks to her appearance on the show, she was able to gain the attention of two major investors and grow her business significantly. 


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LaTangela Newsome Biography:

LaTangela Toleatha Newsome or better known for her role in the Nickelodeons series “tian” as Martiza Hogg was born o July 24, 1980, in Texas. She is an actress and also a singer. She got the nickname “Missy” when she was headshots at a young age.

She started her acting career by appearing in a music video. She works in many music videos such as Fantasy by Mariah Carey, Get on Up by Jodeci, Deborah Cox’s Where Do We Go From Here and subways I’ll Make Your Dreams Come True.

She is a member of City Kids Repertory Group based in Manhattan, New York. She last worked in the movie named “The Rimshop” in 2008. In his Singing career, she records her first soundtracks for the “Taina” television show.

She sings Chaka Khan’s song through the fire in Showtime in Harlem show. She release her first single in 2011 named “imma Do Me” under her own production house SilverShadow in collaboration with Island Def Jam Digital. You can also see her music video on YouTube.


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LaTangela Newsome Height:

– Her height is 5 ft 4 inc/1.64 m/164cm.

LaTangela Newsome Weight:

– She has a good weight-to-body ratio. As of 2022, her weight is approximately 52.2 kg/ 115 lbs.

LaTangela Newsome Age:

– She was born in Florida, the USA on July 24, 1980. As of 2022, she is 41 years old.

LaTangela Newsome Instagram:

– Follow her on her Instagram Account here.

His Facebook Account:

– Interact with her on her Facebook account here.

LaTangela’s Twitter:

– She also has a Twitter account. Follow her on Twitter here.

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