Patti Labelle Net Worth

Patti Labelle Net Worth

The Godmother of Soul and the Queen of rock music. And she doesn’t need any introduction. Fans shower tribute by praising her as a talented singer, remarkable entertainer, and a great performer. 

Yes, she is none other than Patti LaBelle. How much is Patti LaBelle worth? This African American singer is the 18th most popular funk and solo music artist with a net worth of $50 million

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Basic Information

Real Name Patricia Louise Holte
Nickname Patti LaBelle
Birthplace Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S
Birthday May 24, 1944
Patti Labelle Age 76
Patti Labelle Height 5 ft 4 Ins (165 cm)
Occupation Singer
Net Worth $50 million
Nationality American
Relationship Status Married

Early Life

76 years old, Patti Labella is an American songwriter, singer, actress and businesswoman. Born on 24, 1944 in the Eastwick section of Southwest Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S., Patricia Louise Hollis the creator of so many heart-touching hit songs. Among all the 5 children, she was the second-youngest one. 

From her memories of “Don’t Block the Blessings”, we came to know that she didn’t have a blissful childhood. Her railroad worker Dad and housewife Mom, were never married happily. 

Despite enjoying childhood, all she was facing family and sexual violence at an early age of 12. 

And, no wonder her pain turned into strength and the young Patti LaBelle came out with her very first solo performance at that more youthful age.

Career Beginnings and Breakthrough

While growing up, she used to listen to secular styles of music like jazz and R&B. Labelle started her career as the lead singer as well as the frontwoman of Patti LaBelle and the Blue Belles. 

The first brick of Patti Labelle group was founded in the 1960s at her early age of 16 by signing with her schoolmates Jean Brown, Johnnie Dawson, and Yvonne Hogan. The group attracted local attention by releasing the iconic song “Lady Marmalade”. 

Through many ups and downs, the group split out in 1976 and Labelle’s successful solo career began with one of the career-defining songs – “You Are My Friend”. Later in her career life, she has starred in different screen and stage productions.

She did roles in films like “A Soldier’s Story”, “Beverly Hills Cop” and also appeared in several TV shows and series.

How Much is Patti Labelle Net Worth?

This prolific singer, songwriter and actress earned fame and money through her promising career journey. 

With a career story full of music, performance, and acting, Patti Labelle’s net worth is $50 million.

Income Per Session

Session Income
Per Second $0.26
Per Minute $15.38
Per Hour $922.75
Per Day $22,146.12
Per Week $155,448.72
Per Month $673,611.11
Per Year $8.08 Millions

How Does Her Net Worth Reached?

With a musical beginning as the lead singer in Patti Labelle and Blue Belles in the 1960s, Patti never needs to look behind. Group’s lead singer, vocal group’s frontwoman, solo artist, and television and film actress- one after another feather of success kept adding to this Godmother of soul’s crown. 

Before going solo, as lead singer, she released 11 studio albums. In her basket, she earned Honorary Doctorates, Emmy awards, Grammy Awards, Image Awards, and Lifetime achievement awards. 

In Philadelphia, she was honoured with a street that was named by her name – “Patti LaBelle Way”. It is situated between Spruce and Locust Street.

Her Social Media Presence

Patti Labelle is not only active on Facebook, but we can see her officially active on Myspace, official website forum, Twitter, and the Ultimate Patti LaBelle Fan Club.

She is also active on Instagram.

Personal Life

Though LaBelle was engaged to the Temptation’s founding member Otis Williams around 1964. Later in 1969, Patti Labelle’s husband was her longtime friend Armstead Edwards. 

Patti Labelle, son of Zuri Kye Edwards, was born in 1973. And, besides him, two persons were like her son- Todd and Stanley.

How Old is Patti Labelle?

Most common question about her that how old she is. She born on 1944. So according to this her age is 76.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the real name of Patti LaBelle?

–  Her real name is- Patricia Louise Holte. 

What is the height of Patti Labelle? 

Patti Labelle height is 5 ft 4 INS (165 cm).

What is Patti Labelle’s zodiac sign?

As born in May, her zodiac sign is Gemini. 

How many grandchildren does Patti Labelle have?

 She has two grandsons. 

How many Grammys does Patti Labelle have?

 Labelle achieved 9 Grammy’s Awards within 11 years.

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