Reinhold Bilgeri Net Worth

Reinhold Bilgeri Net Worth

Reinhold Bilgeri is also known as the “Rock Professor”. Though he is in his 70’s, he is still so young to do gymnastics, butt shaking, and breathless singing. Reinhold Bilgeri’s wealth is worth $7 million. Learn more about this music rockstar with us-

On March 26, 1950, Reinhold Bilgeri was born in Hohenems, Vorarlberg, Austria. He completed his graduation from the University of Innsbruck on Geography, Psychology, and Philosophy in 1976. He got training as an AHS teacher for German, philosophy, geography, and psychology. 

For 5 years, he worked as a High School Teacher. Till 1981, Bilgeri taught at the Bundesgymnasium Feldkirch. From his teenage age, Reinhold knew that he wanted to become a music rock star. And, with time he walked on the way of his dream.

Career Beginning and Breakthrough

Professionally Reinhold is a Soundtracker, Producer, and Director. In the 1970s, his musical career started with the various rock bands, Bilgeri & Kohlmeier. He along with his friend, the writer Michael Kohlmeier together founded the duo. In 1973, they achieved a big breakthrough with the song “Oho Vorarlberg”. Until he began his solo career in 1981, Bilgeri earned the regional fame as the “Clockwork”s singer with whom he performed in this West Coast rock band. 

Afterward, his greatest hit was the pop song “Video Life”. With this he never stopped to land a chart of hit song pieces like “Love IS Free”, “Some Girls are Ladies” and more. The Christmas song video clip produced with Don Ron “Silver Bell” was played on the popular German music TV channels in 2002. 

He was also a TV show director, which the general public didn’t know. He also became a bestseller with his debuted novel “The Breath of Heaven” in 2005.

His Net Worth

Through his career line, with music and of music, the net worth of Reinhold Bilgeri is $7 million.

How Does His Net Worth Reach?

The decision of being involved in the field of music was taken at the very young age of Bilgeri. From the 1960s with the establishment of the brand duo, he never needed to look behind. One after another pearl of success kept adding in his crown. 

Starting his career with the teaching profession, he turned to music in 1981. By the 1990s, he had sold over three million records and reached seven platinum and gold records. 

In 2005, he filmed his debut novel, which was a total risk as he had to take a loan of 2 million euros against his house as security. Additionally, the first broadcast of “Erik & Erika” in January 2005 on ORF had 721,000 viewers.

His Social Media Presence

You can explore more of him through different social media.

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Personal Life

On 23 June 1989, Reinhold Bilgeri married Beatrix Bilgeri. This beautiful couple has a daughter, Laura Bilgeri (born 1995).


Besides novels, what else has Reinhold written in his career?

This Novelist and Screenplay Writer also wrote several Short stories and Radio plays.

What is Bilgeri’s very first successful movie?

This Showbusiness professional made a successful movie based on his own novel- Der Atem des Himmels.

Which movies were his turning points as a director?

“Alles Fleisch ist Gras”, The Silent Mountain”- these movies made him more famous.

Which movie of Bilgeri brought him the Golden Rooster Award of China in 2012?

The film that was made on his own novel- Der Atem des Hamels.

Which years have been life-changing for Bilgeri?

The ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s have been so remarkable times in Bilgeri’s life.

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