Robert Benevides Net Worth

How Much is Robert Benevides Net Worth? (Movies, Obituary, Age)

Who is Robert Benevides?

Robert Benevides is a famous producer and actor from the 60s. He was born on February 9, 1930, in Visalia, California, United States. He is most popular for his work on The Bold Ones: The New Doctors, Ironside, and The Outer Limits (1969).

Robert Benevides was also the partner of Raymond Burr, a well-known Canadian-American actor. Robert co-founded Harbour-UTV Productions with Raymond Burr and served as its creative consultant.

How Does Robert Benevides’s Net Worth Reach? 

The exact amount of Robert Benevides’s net worth has yet to be discovered. On the other hand, it is projected to be over one million dollars based on the information available.

Robert Benevides is a well-known producer and actor in the United States. He has made appearances in a wide variety of films and programs on television. As of the end of 2017, he had a total income of $5 million.

This amount is a result of his performance as Captain James Harrison in the critically acclaimed television series Outer Limits. In addition, his novels’ sales brought him millions of dollars. Benevides obtained this amount as a result of his success as an actor and philanthropist.

On April 9, 1865, he entered the world at Fort Lee, Virginia. By 2018, Robert Benevides had amassed a total of $5 million in earnings.

The Most Memorable Robert Benevides Movies:

On the set of “Perry Mason” in 1960, Robert Benevides and Raymond Burr had their first encounter with one another. Curiously, the two individuals established a romantic relationship almost immediately after discovering they had a unique connection to one another.

Robert Benevides and the former companion of Raymond Burr made an excellent pair, given their shared passion for acting. This made them an ideal match for one another. In the 1960s, he was a talented actor, but after performing in the play “Seidman and Son,” he realized how challenging acting was for him and decided to retire from the industry.

It was some time around then that he made the transition to the production side of the business and went on to make films such as “Ironside,” “The Outer Limits,” and “The Bold Ones: The New Doctors.” In addition to working in the entertainment business, Benevides also manages the Raymond Burr Vineyards, a winery that was established in honor of his late business partner.

He disclosed in an interview how, ever since the age of ten, he had a strong desire to own land and how the vineyard was a long-time dream that came true for him. Similarly, the couple even collaborated professionally and helped to found his husband’s production company, which was called Harbour-UTV Productions.

A Love Story Against All Odds: Robert Benevides and Raymond Burr 

Raymond Burr, who was the homosexual partner of Robert Benevides and passed away on September 12, 1993, may no longer be with us. Still, the streets won’t forget his works on television because of the legacy he left behind.

The couple had their first encounter on the set of “Perry Mason” in 1960. As the wind blew, the two individuals found themselves in a romantic relationship almost immediately after discovering they had a unique connection to one another. Even though Benevides and Burr, his partner, never tied the knot.

Both of them were proud of their relationship and how it represented the gay community to those who lived in more traditional societies. Surprisingly, Robert’s late partner was previously married to another actress named Isabella Ward for approximately four or five years prior to their divorce in 1952.

They split up that year. In addition to this, they did not have any children together either. Both Robert Benevides and the late Raymond Burr frequently had the experience of feeling excluded from society simply due to the sexual interests they pursued.

During the course of an interview, he discussed how they had to deal with obstacles that were never an issue for heterosexual couples. The unfortunate reality is that there were times when the media incorrectly identified Benevides as Burr’s business partner instead of reporting the truth about the situation.

Is There a Robert Benevides Obituary? 

A great number of young fans wonder if Robert Benevides is still alive. We are happy to say he lives a very happy and healthy life. After conversing with Burr, he revealed to Passport magazine in 2019 that he had given up acting.

He believed he wasn’t qualified for the position, so his partner helped him pursue a career as a producer. Hence there is no obituary of Robert Benevides.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Robert Benevides Married?

– Robert Benevides has never been married. However, he had been together with his former Raymond Burr for almost 30 years. They took great pride in their relationship and in representing other members of the LGBT community.

Was Robert Benevides Ever on Perry Mason?

– Yes, there was a role for Robert Benevides in Perry Mason: The Case of the Misunderstood Mobster. In fact, he met Raymond Burr at that very set.

Where Does Robert Benevides Live Now?

– Robert Benevides currently resides in Dry Creek Valley in California. He runs the family vineyard there, a dream he has initiated with his late partner Raymond Blur.

What is Robert Benevides’s Age? 

– Robert Benevides is living a healthy retired life. He will be turning 93 years old in 2022. He was born in February 1930 in California.

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