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Robert Clohessy Net Worth, Height, Weight Loss, Movies and TV Shows, Law and Order

How Much is Robert Clohessy’s Net Worth?

American actor Robert Clohessy is best known for his role as Sergeant Sid Gormley in the police procedural drama series Blue Bloods. His net worth is approximately $1 million.

Clohessy has had a long and successful career in Hollywood, appearing in several popular television shows and movies. Clohessy has amassed a considerable fortune thanks to his many years in the business. Here’s a look at how the actor’s net worth has reached an estimated $1 million.

Clohessy began his acting career in the early 1980s with a role in the soap opera Guiding Light. He landed guest roles on many popular television shows, including One of the Boys, Law & Order, and NYPD Blue.

Clohessy’s big break came in 2010 when he was cast as Lieutenant Sergeant Sid Gormley on Blue Bloods. He has appeared in over 150 episodes of the series and has become a fan favorite.

In addition to his work on Blue Bloods, Clohessy starred in the movies The Believers and The Interpreter. He has also had guest roles on the television shows The Blacklist and Unforgettable.

Clohessy has amassed a considerable fortune thanks to his years in the entertainment business. Clohessy’s salary from Blue Bloods is not public knowledge, but it is believed to be in the six-figure range.

He also earns money from his various film and television roles. Clohessy is a successful actor who has built an impressive net worth thanks to his many years in Hollywood. He is best known for his role in Blue Bloods but has starred in several popular movies and television shows. Thanks to his successful career, Clohessy’s net worth has reached an estimated $1 million.

What is Robert Clohessy Height?

Clohessy is 6 feet 1 inch (185.4 cm) tall. This is a very tall height for a man. Clohessy is also a huge man. Clohessy’s height has been a big part of his acting success. Clohessy’s height gives him a very commanding presence on screen. Clohessy’s height also makes him very physically intimidating.

This has been a significant advantage for Clohessy in his career. Clohessy’s height has helped him get roles that other actors would not be able to get. Clohessy’s height is also a big part of his personal life. Clohessy’s height makes him very attractive to women.

How Much is Robert Clohessy’s Weight?

Robert Clohessy’s weight is around 200 pounds/90.718 kg. This is according to an interview he gave to Men’s Health magazine. Clohessy is known for his roles on the television shows “Blue Bloods” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”

In the interview, Clohessy spoke about how he had to gain weight for his role in “Blue Bloods” and how he struggled to lose the weight afterward. He also spoke about how he is now trying to maintain a healthy weight and has changed his diet and exercise routine.

Robert Clohessy Weight Loss:

Actor Robert Clohessy has been receiving attention for his weight loss. He has lost a significant amount of weight since his days on Oz. Clohessy attributes his weight loss to a change in lifestyle and diet.

Clohessy is now a vegan and follows a strict fitness routine. Clohessy’s weight loss has been praised by many. Clohessy’s transformation proves that it is never too late to make a change for the better.

Robert Clohessy Movies and TV Shows:

Robert Clohessy is best known for his roles in the HBO series Oz and CBS police drama Blue Bloods. Clohessy has appeared in many films and television shows. Some of his most notable roles include Jack Healy in Brotherhood, Alderman Jim Neary in Boardwalk Empire, and Detective Jack in Fire Island.

Some of his movies are:

Angels in the Outfield.

The Interpreter

The Wolf of Wall Street All Good Things Arthur

The Drowning

Good Time

The Brawler

Chemical Hearts

Last Call

Fire Island

Some of his TV series are:

Hill Street Blues


Laurie Hill

Law & Order


Guiding Light

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

100 Centre Street

Law & Order: Criminal Intent


New Amsterdam

Boardwalk Empire

The Blacklist

And many others.

Clohessy is a versatile actor who has demonstrated his ability to play both dramatic and comedic roles. In addition, he is a talented performer who has entertained audiences for many years.

Robert Clohessy Law and Order TV Series:

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is a crime-based drama series aired on American Television. This series is produced by Wolf Entertainment and made for NBC Television. This is the most extended TV series with 500 original episodes.

This series is based on New York City Police Department’s particular unit, the Special Victims Unit (SVU), which deals with extraordinary crime incidents in the underworld in New York.

This unit deals with the crime related to sexually oriented crimes that include rape, child sexual abuse, and domestic violence. In this TV series, Robert Clohessy acted as Leo Barth / Joel Parven / Vinnie in different episodes.

Robert Clohessy Biography:

Robert Clohessy was born on June 10, 1957(Age 64 years), in The Bronx; New York, U.S. Clohessy is an actor and producer known for Blue Bloods (2010), White Collar (2010), and The Blacklist (2014).

Clohessy has been married to his wife, Catherine Erhart, since 1987. They have two children, Myles Clohessy and Byron Clohessy. Clohessy began his acting career in the early 1980s, appearing in several Off-Broadway productions.

He made his Broadway debut in 1988 in the play Biloxi Blues. Clohessy has appeared in many films and television shows over the years. Some of his more notable roles include Lt. Sean Renard on the NBC drama Boardwalk Empire (2010-2011), Detective Lieutenant Sid Gormley on the CBS drama Blue Bloods (2010-present), and Correctional Officer Sean Murphy on the HBO drama Oz (1997-2003).

Clohessy has also appeared in the films 16 Blocks (2006), A Most Violent Year (2014), and Living with the Dead: A Love Story (2015).


Who Is Robert Clohessy’s Wife?

Robert Clohessy’s wife’s name is Catherine Erhardt. She is an actress and director.

Is Robert Clohessy Leaving Blue Bloods?

No, he is not leaving Blue blood. The rumor spread when he was going through an intense situation, as said on the show, but later in the new season, he was back with regular story play in the series.

Who are Robert Clohessy’s Siblings?

Robert has an older sibling named John who is a veteran of the Vietnam War.

Is There a Health Issue with Robert Clohessy?

No, He is currently not facing any health issues. And he is safe and sound with his health condition.

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