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How Much is Roger Teeter’s Net Worth?

Roger Teeter’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.4 million. This is mainly due to his successful career as an entrepreneur and inventor. Teeter has had a long and successful career in business. He started his first company, a back pain, and other physical health-related treatment company, in early 1981.

The company was eventually handed over to his daughter Rylie, and her husband, Chris, and he became the face of the company. With his successful business ventures and investments, it is no surprise that Roger Teeter’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.4 million.

Roger Teeter Biography:

Roger Inversion is the inventor of the inversion table, a device used for traction that has become a popular choice for people seeking relief from back pain. Inversion tables are also used for physical therapy and to improve flexibility.

After suffering from chronic back pain from injury from his competitive waterskiing, his friend introduced him to an inversion and saw the dramatic result of his pain relief.

After this incident, roger decided to use his experience as an aeronautical engineer and a water skier to make a safer, more comfortable, and better inversion product for others to experience the benefits of inversion in their own house.

With this decision, he and his wife started a company named Teeter. They started it in their garage and made an improved version of inversion, to which he was introduced. And from the following year, they began to distribute their first ever an easy inversion table, which brings more easiness to this therapy.

In the last decades of 1980, they started to operate from Tacoma, WA, and formed a company named STl International Inc. Later; this company did business as Teeter.

By the time Roger became a trusted individual in every home across America with Teeters TV and Infomercial programs. Roger presented the most extended fitness program on HSN. After many improvements and upgradation, they got patented for many unique Hang Ups inversion Tables for Teeter.

Rogers enjoyed his life with his wife by traveling, water skiing, and learning how to surf. But, he also spent his time improving his passion and talents. Roger created a foundation named Children’s Chance For Life. He donates to support the health, well-being, and education of children in developing countries.

Inversion tables are now used by people all over the world to relieve back pain. Inversion has become a well-known name in physical therapy, and his invention has helped countless people find relief from back pain.

Roger Teeter Obituary:

Roger Teeter, the inventor of the inversion table, died on January 9, 2021, at 83. Teeter was born on September 21, 1938. He was a talented person and Graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering.

Teeter began his career in the aeronautical and water skiing field. When he was first introduced to inversion therapy for his back pain, he got the idea for the inversion table. He was trying to demonstrate a product to a customer, but the customer was having trouble understanding how it worked.

In frustration, Teeter turned the product upside down, and the customer finally understood. Finally, Teeter realized that there might be a market for a table that allowed people to invert their bodies and relief them from back pain.

He began working on a prototype in his garage and eventually launched the Teeter Hang Ups company in 1981. The inversion table became a popular product, especially among people with back pain. Teeter continued improving the table’s design, and the company eventually grew into a multimillion-dollar business.

In recent years, Teeter had retired from the company’s day-to-day operations but remained involved as its chairman.

Teeter’s death was announced by his Daughter, Rylie, on the company’s website. “It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our father and company founder, Roger Teeter,” Rylie Teeter wrote. “He was a loving husband, father, and a true pioneer in the wellness industry.” Teeter is survived by his wife, his Daughter, and her husband, Chris.


What is Roger Teeter’s Daughter’s Name?

– Roger’s Daughter’s name is Rylie Teeter.

What is Roger Teeter’s Age?

– Inversion table inventor Roger’s age is 83. He was born on September 21, 1938.

Who Is Roger Teeter’s Wife?

– Teeter’s Wife’s name is Jennifer.

Is Roger Teeter From Sandusky Ohio?

– No, Roger is from Bonney Lake, Washington. From there, they also operate their company.

What is Roger Teeter’s Real Name?

– No Data.

Is Roger Teeter Still Alive?

– No, he passed away at 83 years old.

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