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How Much is Scott Woodruff’s Net Worth?

Singer Scott Woodruff has an estimated net worth of $1 million. He is best known as a Founder of the reggae band Stick Figure. He founded this band in Southern California back in 2006. This band has five members in total.

They release multiple singles and seven full-length albums, and an Instrumental Album. Scoot has written and produced all the songs and albums. His worth reaches $1 million through their performance on stages and album selling.

How Much is Scott Woodruff’s Height?

Scott Woodruff is 5 feet 11 inches/ 1.80 meters tall. With this height, he became taller than other people. Moreover, he has a good body shape. And With visuals, everyone can easily detect Scott’s height.

How Much is Scott Woodruff’s Weight?

The famous singer Scott Woodruff is known for his chiseled physique and enviable six-pack abs. His weight is 65kg. Woodruff’s balanced approach to food and fitness is working for him.

Look at his Instagram page, where he regularly posts photos of himself looking fit and healthy. So, the secret to Scott Woodruff’s fantastic body is not deprivation or over-the-top exercise but moderation and common sense.

Who is Scott Woodruff’s Wife?

When it comes to his family life or love life, he is very tight-lipped and prefers to recognize through his works rather than his romance or private matters.

In addition, there is no information about his wife or girlfriend. He is single now and not in any relationship. Moreover, there is no rumor or controversy about his traits.

How Much is Scott Woodruff’s Age?

Scott Woodruff is a singer and songwriter born on August 21, 1992, and grew up in Duxbury, Massachusetts, the United States of America. He is 29 years old. He started his career as a songwriter and wrote and produced many songs.

Scott Woodruff Stick Figure Band:

Scott started his career as a singer, songwriter, and song-making producer in 2006. In the same year, he founded his band “Stick Figure” as an American reggae and dub band based in northern California. In starting, it was only one band consisting of him.

After some time, he added members, Kevin Offitzer (drummer), Kevin Bong (Keyboardist), Johnny Cosmic (Keyboardist, backup vocal), and Tommy Suliman (bassist). In 2007 the band released seven full-length albums and one instrumental album. All of them are written and produced by Woodruff.

Their song “Burial Ground” has featured in MLB’s The Show 2016 MVP edition game. In addition, the band has worked with many artists and bands, including “The Green”, “The expendables”, “Tribal Seeds”, “Rebelution”, and “Collie Buddz”. They have Cocoa, an Australian Shepherd, who is a part of the band and often seen on the stages with Scott Woodruff. Cocoa has a nickname, “Cocoa the Tour Dog”.

In recent years the band also collaborated with Wachusett Brewing Company to promote the new Cocoanut India Pale ale (IPA), currently distributed in New England.

The Album list of the band:

  1. “The Sound of My Addiction (April 6, 2006).”
  2. “Burning Ocean (January 16, 2008).”
  3. “Smoke Stack (November 3, 2009).”
  4. “The Reprise Sessions (August 3, 2010).”
  5. “Burial Ground (June 15, 2012).”
  6. “Set in Stone (November 13, 2015).”
  7. “World on Fire (August 30, 2019).”
  8. “Wisdom (September 9, 2022).”

Some of the singles are:

  1. “Legalize It (Medley).”
  2. “We Get High.”
  3. “Vibes Alive.”
  4. “Your Way.”
  5. “Heartland”
  6. “Golden Hour” (Johnny Cosmic Remix) (November 13, 2014)
  7. “Smokin’ Love” (Remix) (feat. Collie Buddz, Dizzy Wright, and Iration & J Boog) (June 3, 2015)
  8. “Shadow”
  9. “Life is a Party.”
  10. “Edge of the Ocean” (August 12, 2022)

Scott Woodruff Biography:

Scott Woodruff is a singer, songwriter, and actor from the United States. He is best known for his band Stick Figure. Woodruff was born and raised on 21 August 1992 in Duxbury, Massachusetts, the United States of America. He began playing the guitar and writing songs at the age of 13.

Scott is a self-taught guitarist and songwriter. He established his band Stick Figure by himself. Now the band consisted of Kevin Bong (keyboardist), Kevin Offitzer (drummer), Tommy Suliman (bassist), and Johnny Cosmic (keyboardist, backup vocalist, and guitarist) along with Scott. Also, Cocoa the Tour dog (an Australian Shepherd).

Woodruff released his first album in December 2007: The Sound of My Addiction. He also released his sophomore album Burnin’ Ocean in 2008, which brought him his biggest hit and was in the top ten in the Reggae genre. For the time being, another album, “Burial Ground” and “World on Fire”, was released from his band.

He also releases singles from his crew. Some of them are: “All For You”, “Paradise”, “Sun Is Shining”, “Way of Life”, “Showdown”, “Edge of the Ocean”, .etc. He will also release more singles and albums in the coming years and keep on the top list on the billboard in the Reggae genre.


What is Scott Woodruff’s Nationality?

Singer Scott Woodruff was born in America and is an American citizen.

Who is Scott Woodruff’s Girlfriend?

Scott Woodruff is a famous singer, and people are curious to know does Scott woodruff have a girlfriend or not. Singer Scott Woodruff is tight lip about his personal life, and there is no information about his girlfriend.

Instead, he is a single person who focuses on his band Stick Figure.

Who is Scott Woodruff’s Brother?

Scott Woodruff is a tight lip about his family, but de did reveal that he has an older brother. He spent his childhood with his elder brother and his family in Duxbury. He got his inspiration from his elder brother.

Is Scott Woodruff Married?

No, he is not. As per available information, he is not married and is not in any relationship.

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