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How Much is Stephen Darby’s Net Worth?

A popular Pastor and YouTuber have amassed quite a fortune, with a net worth of approximately $1.5 million. Stephen Darby has built up a sizable following on YouTube by sharing videos about various topics, including Lifestyle, Society, and Religion.

While Darby’s exact earnings are not public, it is safe to say that he is making a healthy living from his YouTube channel. In addition to ad revenue, Darby also makes money from sponsorships and affiliate marketing. Darby’s net worth is impressive, but it is not out of the realm of possibility for a successful YouTuber.

With over two billion active users, YouTube is a robust platform that can make people rich. If you have a unique perspective and can engage an audience, you too could make a lot of money on YouTube. Who knows, you could even reach Stephen Darby’s level of success.

How Much is Stephen Darby’s Height?

There is no information available about the height of Pastor Stephen Darby. But from his appearance in the photo and social interactions, it is clear that he was a man of a generous size.

How Much is Stephen Darby’s Weight?

As with his Height, His exact weight was not available. But he has good weight with his body height.

Pastor Stephen Darby Ministries They Jacked Us Sermon:

Pastor Stephen Darby created a channel on YouTube on August 20, 2006. In this channel, he discussed various matters, including burning life issues. With this channel, he also thinks about multiple topics, especially Lifestyle and Religion Society.

This channel has over 220K subscribers with over 53 million of viewership. After his death, this channel is run by his wife, Nancy LaPere Darby.

Pastor Stephen gives many sermons on different topics. His views are so clear, realistic, and on the point that they can help people to wake up from their blind faith and slummer. Among all his sermons, they jacked us is one of the popular ones. You can listen to it on YouTube here.

Pastor Stephen Darby Autopsy:

In 2017 pastor Stephen Darby was in Grace Retreat Village -a Christian retreat where he had been working and suddenly collapsed and became unconscious. After the incident, he was airlifted to a hospital but died after he arrived at the hospital.

The cause of his death is unknown; family members say it was a typical day for Pastor Stephen, and he was in good health. Based on the circumstances, the hospital authority has decided to do an autopsy to find the actual cause behind the death of Pastor Stephen Darby.

How Did Stephen Darby Die?

Stephen Darby’s death is shocking to his family and followers. They are curious to know how Stephen Darby died. Stephen Darby started his typical day in Grace Retreat Village -A Christian retreat he had worked on for a long time. Suddenly he collapsed and became unconscious.

After the incident, he had airlifted to the hospital, declared dead, and the hospital authority was unconfirmed about the cause of his death and decided to do an autopsy to find the actual cause.

When did Stephen Darby’s Funeral Held?

Stephen Darby’s funeral services were held by the Seaman Community Methodist Church in Seaman, Ohio, on Sunday, Aug. 25, 2019, at 2 p.m.

The funeral services ceremony was presided over by Ray Degenkold, and the burial had done in the Cherry Fork Cemetery. The Pastor’s family did not wish to send flowers and said that memorial donations could be made in Stephen’s honor to:

  1. Dunkinsville United Methodist Church, C/O Brenda, and Mike Crackel at 14460 State Route 41 in West Union, Ohio 45693;
  2. The West Union Football Team, C/O Scott McFarland at 405 Lookout View Drive in West Union, Ohio 45693;


  1. Heartland Hospice at 333 North Summit Street in Toledo, Ohio 43699.

The funeral arrangement for the Pastor had been taken care of by the Wallace-Thompson Funeral Home, Lewis-Sullivan Chapel.

Pastor Stephen Darby Family Members:

Pastor Stephen was a family man. He was a loving husband, father, and brother to his wife, Daughter, and sisters. Pastor Stephen survives his wife, two daughters, and two sons. His family members were very admirable to his lectures as he called them intelligent persons.


Is Stephen Darby Still Alive?

No, he is not; he died in December of 2017.

Who is Stephen Darby Pastor Wife?

Nancy LaPere Darby is the wife of Pastor Stephen Darby.

How Old is Stephen Darby?

There is no available data about his birthday, but some sources say he will be in his 50s if he is alive today.

How Old Was Stephen Darby When He Died?

There is no available data about his birthday, but some sources say he was 45 years old when he died.

Where is Pastor Stephen Darby From?

He is a descendent from the lands of Charleston, West Virginia, USA.

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