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“Our prayers are often substituted for our obedience”- said by the senior pastor of Cleveland’s Parkside Church, an author, and an actor. We know that you might be thinking about how rich he is. After spending hours of research on books, Wikipedia, YouTube etc. we came to a result. Alistair Begg’s net worth is $247, 3 million. Let’s have a quick tour of his life so far-

On May 22, 1952, Alistair Begg was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He had a sad incident when his mother died on 2nd November 1972. Begg completed his graduation in 1975 from the London School of Theology. Following graduation, he gave eight years of his life serving in Charlotte Chapel in Edinburgh as well as Hamilton Baptist Church. Since 1975, Alistair has been involved with pastoral ministry.  He also schooled at Westminster Seminary and Trent University. At Parkside Church, Ohio, he became the senior pastor in 1983. Besides being heard on the radio program daily and weekly, Begg has created many books.

Career Beginning and Breakthrough

Begg has been growing up in Scotland along with the beliefs of Scripture’s supremacy and inerrancy and only the saving power of Christ. He passed eight years of his young ages serving for the Charlotte Chapel in Edinburgh as well as Hamilton Baptist Church followed by his graduation. He held a position as the senior pastor at Cleveland’s Parkside Church in 1983. It was Begg’s voice behind the Christian radio preaching and teaching ministry- Truth For Life. Daily it broadcasts his sermons through 1,800 radio outlets across North America. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Sinclair Ferguson, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Derek Prime, Hudson Taylor- all of them are his great influencers.

How Does His Net Worth Reach?

A strong advocate of historic Protestant Evangelical theology, Alistair Begg is a pastor, actor and author. He has been the senior pastor of Parkside Church located in Bainbridge Township in Ohio, the behind the scene voice of Truth For Life, author of many books and “Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius” actor. Additionally, he is Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals’ council member. Through his life, with good and hard work, Alistair Begg’s net worth has reached $247, 3 million. This humble champion has been excited people by an impressively beautiful obsession with a God-centered lifestyle.

His Social Media Presence

You can get this man of pure heart on the social media bellow-

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Personal Life

Both Alistair Begg and his wife, Susan, is American. Though Susan is a by birth American, Begg got citizenship in 2004. In their 30 years of married life, Begg and his wife have three grown children.


What is Begg doing recently?

Though there is not much detailed information on what Begg is doing recently. But, supposedly, this has been a busy year for him.

What is the mission of Truth For Life?

Its mission is to preach and teach the Bible with coherence and relevance to convert the unbelievers and to establish believers.

How many books have Begg written?

Alistair Begg has written or edited nine books.

 How to hear Truth For Life?

One can hear Truth For Life online seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

 What are the honours awarded to Alistair Begg?

 –Honorary Doctorate by Westminster Theological Seminary; Honorary Doctorate by Cedarville University.

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