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Are you ready to explore everything about the journey from the ghetto streets to the executive suite of Pimpin Ken? Whose net worth is $6 million. Let’s find out here-

Ken Ivy, who is mostly known as Pimpin Ken, is a rare combination of mental sharpness and inventiveness. This vivid personality was born in Chicago in 1964 by Collie and Juanita Ivy. 

He is an actor, author and entrepreneur who was raised in the tough streets of the East Side in Milwaukee. All he had were his “power of pen” and “gift of gab”, which he used to catapult him towards success. 

When he was nine, he moved to WI and there he attended Holmes Grade School, Lincoln Middle and High School. He also attended the University of Wisconsin Baraboo.

Career Beginning and Breakthrough

Started as a pimp on the road, and reached the world of fame and name by appearing on television, this journey dramatically changed Ken Ivy’s life. 

While in 197, the documentary “Pimps Up and Hoes Down” aired on HBO, they first gave the name Pimpin Ken to him. At that time he realized that he has a special talent for the camera. With his gift of gab and performance, Ken put himself in the spotlight. 

After that he kept getting calls from Hip Hop community, 50 Cent, Jermain Dupri, Nelly, Outcast, Snoop Dogg, Lil Jon, E40, Ice-T, Big Daddy Kane, $hort, Katt Williams, Primp C. Lil Flip, Loom from Bad Boy Records, Pastor Troy, and Mack 10. He was influenced by Don King, Malcolm X, and Napoleon Hill.

What is His Net Worth?

From the life of women, money and notoriety in the streets of Milwaukee and Chicago, Ken reached a life of fame, name, money and decent lifestyle. Today, the net worth of Pimpin Ken is $6 million.

How Does His Net Worth Reach?

Pimpin Ken starred appearing on television through a documentary by HBO. And after that, he was mentioned in various videos and albums. He was also featured in Source, XXL, Vibe and Hip Hop Weekly magazines. 

Additionally, Ken appeared on the Hot 97 in New York, Wendy Williams Show, Kay Slay Show on Shade 45, Greg Street’s Radio Show on V-103 in Atlanta, Whoo Kid’s Radio, and many more. His artistic role involves vocal poetry or talks on the beginning and end of albums. 

Moreover, he is a mentor, public speaker and author. He mainly writes to inform and motivate. He has written 4 books, created 4 documentaries, and appeared on over 49 albums. Ken appeared in more than 15 industry videos with 10 million views. His remarkable movies are The Final Chapter, Money Makers and Pimpalation: Return of the Trill.

Personal Life

Pimpin Ken discovered his passion for helping the hood kids while doing the documentary with HBO. Helping the helpless kids inspired him so much. His future target is to establish the top independent publishing company in the game. 

Currently, he is working on progressing his new book, The Art of Human Chess: A Study Guide to Winning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pimpin Ken death history?


Which are the Pimpin ken books?

– The Art of Human Chess: A Study Guide to Winning, Pimpology: The 48 Laws of the Game.

What are the famous pimps quotes?

– “If you’re crying under fire, then you weren’t built for war. If a pimp took your girl, then your girl was never yours.”

– “Pimp stands for Positive Intellectual Motivated Person. It has nothing to do with selling sex for money.”

– “Women say they want a man who knows what a woman’s worth. That’s a pimp.”


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